Posted in Cozy, Pets on January 2, 2008

I stumbled across this series from a friend and managed to find a few of the books at Half Price Books and the rest I ordered from The series should be read as follows:

Sit, Stay, Slay
Nothing to Fear but Ferrets
Fine-Feathered Death
Meow is for Murder
The Fright of the Iguana

You could read them out of order but then you will be really confused with the personal storyline that continues from book to book, so take my advice and read them in order!

The first book starts out with Kendra Ballentyne, a lawyer that has had her license suspended and into bankruptcy, renting out her home in California and living in the garage apartment. She is hunting for something to do to earn some money and her good friend, Darryl who is the owner of Doggy Indulgence, suggests that she try pet sitting for some of his clients. Desperate for money she does it and finds that she has a knack for this and really enjoys this life…until someone is murdered and Kendra is accused since the victim is a former client at her law firm. Along the way Kendra meets a love interest (Jeff), finds she has a knack for mediation and solves the murder much to the dismay of the lead Detective, Ned Noralles.