Posted in Eliza Blake, kidnapping, mystery on November 10, 2008

Publisher – Harper Collins
Life can be turned upside down in a moment
4 out of 5 stars

Author Mary Jane Clark is back with her latest novel involving Eliza Blake, the host of a morning news show on KEY News. Eliza has lost her husband and it is now just her and her seven-year old daughter, Janie. The day starts off as a normal day, Janie is off to camp for the day, Eliza is off to work, and the housekeeper, Carmen, is doing her daily chores. All is going well until one of Carmen’s rituals backfires and she is taken against her will and forced to take Janie from camp, possibly to never to be seen again by her mother.

Enter Stephanie Quick, a psychic that has helped police departments in the past solve crimes. She offers her assistance but is brushed off by the local police, until something she told them that she saw in her dream makes them at least consider the possibility.

Also involved are Eliza’s co-workers and friends, Annabelle, BJ and Margo. While they have Eliza and Janie’s best interests at heart, they also interfere with the investigation of the FBI by not revealing information to them that could assist in the search.

It has been a little while since a book pulled me in so quickly and I didn’t want to set it down. I read half the book during my lunch break and finished it that evening. The short chapters also helped!

The timeframe of the story is only a few days. There are a variety of characters and it took me a short bit to keep them straight and while I tried to figure out who kidnapped Janie and why, the ending was a HUGE surprise. I did not see it coming and didn’t figure it out until the main character, Eliza, did.

If you have never read anything by Mary Jane Clark, read this one. You needn’t have read any of the other books featuring Eliza to be reeled into this storyline, especially since it is one that most parents fear, their child being abducted for unknown reasons.

This reviewer definitely gives the book 2 thumbs up!

Reviewed for RebeccasReads (9/08)