Posted in Uncategorized on April 3, 2009

We are going to France in May which includes a 10 hour plane ride there and back which means lots of reading time! I could haul a bunch of books or I could take a few books and also get a digital e-reader like a Kindle or a Sony. While I like the old Kindle, I’m not too keen on the new one with some of the features they removed.

I have a friend from a book club that has the Sony PRS-505 and it is $100 cheaper than the Kindle and it is pretty easy to use. Another friend (from the same book club) purchased one this week after being able to play with it to determine how much she might like it over the Kindle.

So I will be taking the plunge and buying one next week (after my credit card closes for the month) and will download the PDF books I have on to it and see what other free books I can find to put on the e-reader. After all, free is much better than paying for books especially when I still have about 400 books at home that I need to read!

I know this won’t replace books but it will make traveling easier where I can take fewer actual books and have plenty of other books in digital format to keep me occupied on trips, in the doctor’s office, wherever!