Posted in Jess C. Scott on August 16, 2009

Mosey on over to Eleni’s blog for a chance to win Eyeleash by Jess C. Scott.  You have until September 5th to leave your comment on Eleni’s site and there are ways to get other chances to win.

This is an e-book so you’ll have to read it on your computer or an e-reader of some sort.


Jade Ashton is a sassy virgin. In her private blog, she vents about “fitting in” a world where superficiality reigns supreme. Suddenly all logic flies out the window when she meets Novan: the former geek, who’s morphed into a delicious songwriter-musician. They decide to be “friends-with-benefits”. But it’s Novan, with his poems and riddling passages on his own blog–which *isn’t private*–that backs out. EyeLeash captures self-discovery in the 2000s, and showcases the colorful, intricate drama in two youths’ relentless search for themselves–and what’s really in their hearts.