Posted in Cozy, mystery on September 22, 2009

I know I know….I am wayyyy behind in posting a review or something book related. Work doesn’t play nice with us and internet access anymore.

I have been reading a lot lately and will try to get to those soon but wanted to highlight an author that I have enjoyed reading lately. Victoria Laurie writes cozies and has two series out that I have read (am reading).

The first is the Psychic Eye series featuring Abby Cooper and her mini dachshund Eggy. Abby is a psychic and manages to find herself in many situations that she could have avoided if she had just listened to her spirit guides. Of course then we wouldn’t have this series of books to read if she did that!

I’m on the 4th book in the series, Killer Insight, and currently there are 7 in the series.

In the 3rd book, A Vision of Murder, she introduces M.J. Holliday which spun off another series called The Ghost Hunter mystery series and yes, M.J. is a ghost hunter.

On top of that, Victoria is a psychic herself, so what better way to write a book than about something you know.

If you are looking for a cozy series to start, check out either one of these series by Victoria Laurie and you won’t be disappointed!