Posted in Giveaway on April 29, 2010

Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers is giving away 3 copies of I Has a Hotdog by Professor Happy Cat

If you like dogs you will like this one – here is the information from the blog:

Yes, my friends….we’ve not only gone to the dogs today, but to the humor side as well!  Professor Happy Cat, author of the infamous I Can Haz Cheezburger book, takes a walk on the “ruff” side of the tracks and exploits…I mean, explores the world of canines.  Pairing humorously cute photos with his own patented style of accented captioning (just try reading it without the accent…not nearly as funny nor does it make sense….with the accent, much better!), you get to take a look inside the minds of the pooches and see what they are REALLY thinking.  See Fido leaping through the air, a look of pure glee on his face….or is it?  Put your little pooch in a sweater when it’s cold outside and marvel at how cute and warm they look?  (Guilty!) The funny little smile they have may not be all cheery thankful thoughts…and ironically enough, my dog actually has the one sweater they show in the book.  (No lie….good thing they out grew it or I may have to second guess the smile they give me when they’re dressed in it…)