Posted in contest, England, France, Giveaway on June 16, 2011

Yes, it has been over 6 months since I wrote a review but life sometimes gets in the way.  That said, I have quite a few books and giveaways over the next month!

The first is The Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton.  Rosy was kind enough to send me a book last fall that I read but was not able to post my review until now.  My apologies Rosy!

I think many will be able to relate to this storyline.  Catherine divorces her husband and needs a change of pace and decides to do it in a small town in the Cévennes mountains.  She is a talented seamstress and decides to offer custom items such as draperies and needlework but doesn’t realize the hoops she must jump through courtesy of the French government.  However, in her quest for her independence she befriends the townspeople especially her closest neighbors.  They become her surrogate family and watch out for each other and help each other in times of need, sorrow and happiness.  Much like you would come to expect from a small town where everyone knows each other and their business!  Catherine experiences joy, sadness, anger and even love throughout the book in the various situations, nothing different than what you or I might experience in our normal lives.

I enjoyed the book and would give it 4 stars.  I felt the main character in the book overcame many obstacles in her quest for independence but also broadened her views on life and love.  She did have to dealwith some obstacles in her path in this quest for a better life, but these challenges only helped her become a better person.  I felt like the character continued to grow throughout the novel and encouraged me to think about my own life and would I make some of the same choices that Catherine made or would I have chosen a different path.

Now for the fun part – the giveaway!  Rosy kindly provided a copy of her book to me and I would like to share this with one of my lucky readers.  Since it is a thicker book, I do need to limit it to US residents only.  Leave a comment with your email address and why you would like to read this book.  If you post the giveaway on your blog, leave a second comment for another chance to win.

Contest will close on Sunday June 26th around 5pm CT, so get your entries in now!