Posted in reading on August 23, 2011

I don’t post reviews on all of the books I read because that would mean a post every day or two…which wouldn’t be bad but then would I get everything else done and wouldn’t that slow down my reading?  So I thought maybe I could just post what I’m reading with a synopsis of the book and you could decide from there.  While this isn’t a tome per se, I thought the word went well with Tuesday!

Right now I’m Reading Chihuahua of the Baskervilles by Esri Allbritten.  I would define it as a cozy mystery since non-detective characters are solving the mystery.  Here is the synopsis from inside the dust jacket:

Tripping Magazine is a quirky low-budget magazine that reports on travel destinations for believers in the paranormal.  A few fake hosts away from throwing in the towel, the Tripping staff gets the tip of a lifetime when they get a call from Charlotte Baskerville, the rich founder of a clothing company for small dogs.  Charlotte thinks that her Chihuahua, Petey, has come back from the dead, and she’s desperate for someone to come verify his appearances.

The magazine’s three person reporting team travels to Manitou Springs, CO, sure that the ghostly dog will be a work of fiction.  But when they arrive, they see evidence of Petey with their own eyes.  And he’s not just floating by – he’s howling advice and spelling out threats with tiny paw prints.  Is the ghost real, or is the whole phenomenon an elaborate ruse?

The Tripping team must navigate the kooky world of coffin races, scheming husbands, and doggie fashion to solve the mystery – and get their story written at the same time.