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I don’t know if you have an e-reader of any sort but I do but of course I do not want to spend money on books (why I use the library and Paperbackswap, although I do have to pay for postage but after so many years I have a stockpile of credits).  I have a Sony e-reader and a Kindle and I will admit that I have around 600 books (or more!) on these two devices and I have maybe paid for 5 books.  1 of those was for my husband and another I know I only paid $0.99.  so maybe I have only purchased 2 books.  oh wait, there were a few books I was able to get for $1 for my Kindle through the special offers ads so I’ll go back to my 5 book thought.

Anyway, this challenge will fit me to a T because nearly all of my books I got for free and just maybe I can make a dent in that huge pile!

So this reading challenge was developed specifically for FREE and LEGAL downloaded books.  Library books (while now available for e-readers) don’t count.  Neither do books won or books given to review.  Heck, I go crazy on Amazon’s Top 100 free…I download anything that sounds interesting because if I don’t like it, I can delete it and not worry about it costing me anything.  Maybe that is part of my problem of having 600+ e-books!

Here is how it works:

  • Should you choose to participate in this challenge, your goal is to read at least twelve (12) legally obtained FREE e-books. While twelve is the minimum there is no maximum limit.
  • Anyone can join. You don’t have to be a blogger, and you don’t have to live in the United States. 
  • Any E-Reader will work for this challenge, including: iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, enTourage. 
  • Please Note: If you don’t have an e-reading device, you can still join in with Amazon’s Free Kindle Reading Appswhich you can download for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Blackberry and more.
  • The challenge runs from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012. You can join at anytime.
  • e-books in ANY genre count for this challenge as long as it was FREE at the time that you downloaded it.

Places where you can legally grab some free e-books:

Barnes & Noble
All Romance eBooks: offers random freebie books throughout the year (signing up for the newsletter to get updates)
Pocket After Dark: offers free online reads that change monthly and/or bi-monthly
Sony’s Reader Store: occasionally pops up with free books that aren’t available at Amazon or B&N
Harlequin: offers Freebie Friday
Sourcebooks: offers monthly freebies
Books on the Knob pulls freebies from around the web in different genres for reader consumption

Coupon Clipper: 12 Books
Penny Pincher: 24 Books
Super Saver: 30+ Books

Want to join in on the challenge?

Please visit this post to sign up for the challenge.  It is being sponsored by Kelly & Missie

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