Posted in suspense, teaser, Tuesday, Washington DC on May 8, 2012

Today’s teaser is from The Nazi Hunter by Alan Elsner.


Mark Cain – deputy director of the Office of Special Investigations – tracks down and brings to jusice ex-Nazis who have quietly slipped into the country since World War II.  But on a rainy November afternoon, it’s a woman wearing a red brooch who slips past security and into Cain’s office.  “I am looking for the Nazi hunter,” she says.  “I have documents – important documents.”  She promises to show him the documents when they next meet, but she never returns.  At first, Cain dismisses her as just another crackpot, but when the Washington Post reports that a woman wearing a red brooch has been brutally murdered, he suspects he may be on to something big.  He must find those documents!

Meanwhile, the Republicans have taken control of Congress, and the newly elected Speaker of the House can’t wait to cut big government down to size.  The thread of budget hearings hangs over Cain’s head, but he knows that the Office of Special Investigations is immune from elimination, or is it?

As Cain slides further into a tangeled web of secrets and murder, he realizes that he has entered a race for his life – one that will draw him from the vicious halls of Washington politics, through the dark heart of Europe’s past, and into the savage lair of America’s right-wing militias.


from page 124

“We’ll be cutting government deaparments all across the board, ” Doneghan said, his voice rising.  “Nobody’s exempt.  You boys thing you’re above everyone else? The era of big government is over for everyone, mister, and that includes you.”

It was like watching a prizefight, two heavyweights beating each other senseless.  But I was also proud of Eric.  He wasn’t backing down an inch.

“We’re not ‘big government’ as you put it.  Our department is small, our budget is tiny, and we can account for every center. If you come after us, you’ll be making a big mistake.”