Posted in Monday, mystery on July 30, 2012

Mystery Monday is back!  it’s been a crazy July but I’m getting one in under the wire for the month.

This week’s book is Cut, Crop and Die by Joanna Campbell Slan and it is the 2nd in the Kiki Lowenstein series.


All it took was one scone. — Tainted icing triggers a rare allergy, and a hobbyist croaks at a scrapbooking crop sponsored by Time in a Bottle, the store where Kiki Lowenstein works. When it comes out that someone swiped the victim’s emergency medication, the scrappers realize they have a murder on their hands, and the entire community jumps to point the finger at Kiki and her coworkers. Suddenly, the one anchor in Kiki’s stormy life is on the verge of sinking beneath a ruined reputation.

But who wouldn’t want to kill Yvonne Gaynor? The nasty woman had enough enemies to fill a memory album. Once again, Kiki gets sucked into a mystery that should be left to that dreamy detective, Chad Detweiller—who hasn’t tried to kiss her yet. With anti-Semitic threats coming in at the store, a quarrelsome teen daughter at home, and constant financial pressure, Kiki needs to keep her cool if she’s going to set things right.


I am reading this book right now on my Kindle and am enjoying it so far.  I’m not very far into it but I know that the book intrigued me because it is about scrapbooking and that is one thing I like to do.  I may not be as talented as some, but I do all right!  I didn’t realize that this was the 2nd in the series until they mentioned some things that could only mean there was a book before this one!  I try not to read out of order but sometimes it just can’t be helped.