Posted in e-books, Pets on August 17, 2012

Over the last week or so I have gotten several books for free on Amazon for Carolyn McCray’s books….I may have gotten them from another link that took me there, but whatever…I added more books to my Kindle (like I really needed to do that?!) and read two of hers over the weekend.  According to Goodreads she also writes under the name of Cristyn West

The first was a short story called Pet Whisperer…er..rrr about a good-for-nothing that sponges off of his family but his uncle sees something in him and asks him to fill in as a Pet Whisperer at a fair because the uncle is sick and cannot attend.  Here is the official synopsis: 

Wyatt and animals…don’t always see eye to eye. But that doesn’t mean he can’t make
a rip-snorting pet psychic, right? I mean, seriously. What could possibly go wrong? Other than an elephant with a wandering trunk and a ferret that likes to dance around inside his pants, that is.

Oh, and the serial-killer Chihuahua.  Okay, so maybe a lot could go wrong.

The book had me laughing at the antics of the animals and Wyatt’s reactions. 

The second was Pups in Tea Cups: Tales of “Littleness” overcoming BIG odds.   This was a collection of short stories about little dogs and the trouble that they can get in to or how they helped their new owners cope with a situation.  I enjoyed all the stories because I have two little dogs myself…not as little as the ones in this book AND they think they are big dogs, but still smaller dogs.

April and Gracie give both books 3 1/2 paws up