Posted in romance, Texas on November 7, 2012

Today I’d like to give a shout out to a friend from high school that has written a book.  love/life Hot in Houston by new author, Renee’ Curtis.  It is a racy and intended for mature readers only….but you can read a sneak peek of the book here.



PictureThe accidental author.  That is a very accurate description of me. I didn’t intend to become an writer but it happened. All due to a dream. Not many can say that.

I was born and raised in rural East Texas. I graduated from Spring Hill High School in Longview then went to Kilgore College for a bit. I excelled in sports (golf and tennis) and was a good student. I loved everything about school. I love to learn. I thought I would end up golfing for a career but a repeated knee injury kept me out of the LPGA (well that’s what I tell myself anyway).

My pursuit of a writing career as I stated came thru a dream. Oddly enough, I was on OPRAH doing the rounds to publicize my book which is bizarre because I am not or ever have been a fan of hers, tho I know that her thumbs up on anything is like money in someone’s pocket. Maybe is was a sign, not that I would be rich but that there was something else that I was destined to do. And with the encouragement of a couple of friends and the gentle pushing (ok shoving) of my boyfriend, I sat down to write a romance novel. Did I succeed? I guess only time will tell. I think the story is a new take on the “modern family” with elements of romance and yes even sex *gasp* 🙂 One that I would hope people will enjoy and possibly relate to in some way.

If you purchase the book and like it, then I hope you will take time out to write me and let me know. And if you don’t I hope you will give my other work at chance.

Until then, happy reading.