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Today I’m one of the stops on Author Emma Eden Ramos‘ blog tour for The Realm of the Lost.


What happens when you die before your time?

Thirteen-year-old Kathleen “Kat” Gallagher has had it with her family. The eldest of three children, Kat feels trapped ever since her parents’ separated and she has had to take on more responsibility than she feels prepared for. Everything changes on a frigid morning in mid-December when an accident propels Kat into unfamiliar territory.

Stuck in the place where people go when they have died before their time, Kat must face obstacles she could never have imagined.

With the help of other young inhabitants of the Realm of the Lost, Kat learns the true meaning of friendship and family.



Kat, run!” I heard Rosario call from behind me.

I opened my eyes. “What?”

“Run!” Rosario grabbed my arm, jolting me into action.

“What’s going on?” I followed Rosario as she darted toward the path that wound through Taiga. I heard Mikey huffing behind us.

“Darkness,” he whimpered.

Wisps of thick fog, like rings from a dirty chimney, circled above us. Further up, a giant wave of navy blue, almost black, began to unfold. Darkness was descending, and quickly.

“What should we do?” I grabbed Mikey’s hand, shaking uncontrollably. “We can’t go through there now!”

“We have to. There’s no other way home.” Rosario took my other arm. “Kat, Mikey.” She molded us into a tight huddle then placed her steady hands on our trembling shoulders. “Keep your heads to the ground. Whatever you hear, pretend it isn’t there. Focus on home.”

We stepped through the clearing and into the forest. Rosario first, then me, then Mikey.

Home. Our white, two-story house with the black shingled roof that dad had—no, not that home.


Realm of the lost may be a short story and aimed at middle school aged children, but the story is not lost on an older generation because the “what if” of the story affects everyone that dies (or could die) before their time.

I wasn’t sure what to expect since it was geared more towards a younger audience, but I found the storyline compelling and fascinating.  Kat’s confusion when she wakes up had me wondering how she got there and what was going on!  Rosie and Mikey were no help at all, or at least not from where I was sitting.  But in all fairness, they weren’t supposed to tell her anything.  The story wouldn’t be complete without an “evil” character and there were actually two:  Miss A, who was bogged down with her own issues and the Apate that sensed fear. Kat

I thought this story was well written and give it 4 paws up!

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