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firefly moutain



Firefighter Patrick Barre is determined to hide away in the woods of Vermont. He’s content to do his job, remodel his house, and enjoy the company of his arson-detection dog, Midas. Scars from the fire that destroyed his family keep him from letting anyone into his life.

Gini Claremont uses her camera to celebrate the beauty of life. Nature soothes her, while anger is dangerous for Gini–and anyone near her. If she doesn’t guard her emotions, her surroundings could go up in flames. Living alone, keeping busy, and letting her family keep watch on her is best for everyone.

When an arsonist declares war on their town, Patrick and Gini reluctantly band together to sift through the ashes, each holding a secret close to the heart. As the arson escalates, so does their mutual attraction. Will teaming up put out the fires, or start a whole new one?

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book….some romance with a little suspense thrown in is a winner in my book!  Both Gini & Patrick have secrets that they don’t want to get out, or at least not to each other….but in this world all secrets come out at one time or another.  I thought that the development of their relationship was interesting after all how many people do you know that can start fires when they get mad?  I did find that a little unrealistic at first…We first find out she can start fires when mad when she meets Patrick for the first time and he says no to being in the calendar she is creating to raise money for the animal shelter.  Ummm….you have JUST met this guy and him saying no sets you off?  I guess she wasn’t used to someone telling her no.  I thought her character, while well loved by many, still very immature.  Perhaps that was her parents sheltering her because of her gift.  Patrick’s hangup happened when he was a teen, perhaps it was the guilt talking?  But he has to let his guard down and it doesn’t hurt that Gini and the gang don’t let him hide away and become a recluse when not working.  Oh and can I say I want to visit the Northeast now?  The scenery sounds gorgeous and I have never been to Vermont….it would need to be during the summer, I don’t need cold and snow!

April, Gracie and I give it 4 paws and if you get a chance check out the book




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About the Author:

christine By day, I teach fifth grade and inspire young writers. By night, I write everything. Adult romance, young adult romance, science fiction, fantasy, poetry, pieces about nature, pretty much anything that pops into my head. I can’t NOT write. I’ve tried, but The Voices won’t let me. They insist I write their tales.

I first seriously considered writing as a lifestyle choice when I worked as a receptionist in a law office as a teenager. That was a lonely, quiet, boring job. Lawyers look exciting on TV, but the real world of it is about as entertaining as getting a paper cut from a file folder. The phone never rang in that office, and when it did, I had to pull myself out of the coma I’d slipped into and try to get the caller’s name right when I buzzed the lawyers. To pass the time I would start a story, leave it hidden in the day secretary’s desk calendar, and my friend, who worked the days I didn’t, would continue the story. We would volley back and forth for pages and pages. Even then the tales were romances, mostly about a character named Anastasia who had joined a convent, but was secretly in love with the groundskeeper. A direct reflection of our pathetic, dateless weekends, you ask? But of course.

The stories helped us cope. We didn’t do drugs, or drink alcohol, or go clubbing to deal with our social anonymity. No, we wrote, dammit. Today, I tell stories meant to make you laugh, maybe make you sweat, and definitely make you believe in the magic of love.

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This book was provided to me by the author for an honest review.