Posted in 4 paws, Cozy, Monday, mystery on May 20, 2013

This week I bring you book two in the Victoria Square mystery series by author Lorraine Bartlett.  She writes many series but this is a relatively new series with just 3 books out right now.  I am enjoying this series but I wonder why Kate is dating Andy…they don’t seem like a well matched pair and I wonder if that will change in the future.

walled flower


If Katie Bonner’s late husband hadn’t invested all their savings in the crafts fair Artisans Alley, the Webster mansion could have been hers to remodel into a bed-and-breakfast. Instead that dream belongs to another young couple. But that dream becomes a nightmare when a skeleton is discovered sealed in the walls of the mansion. The bones belong to Helen Winston, who went missing twenty-two years ago. Heather’s aunt, a jewelry vendor at Artisans Alley, asks Kate for help finding her niece’s murderer. The case may be cold, but the killer is very much alive-and ready to go to any lengths to keep past secrets buried