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Romance mystery writer, Lily Aaron is a young woman looking for a forever love and inspiration for her popular books. On a lunch break from her job as a magazine editor, she meets a sexy, gorgeous man in a coffee shop, and falls hard. Is Ken Braun’s image as a successful attorney and charming companion all a façade, or is he the man destined for Lily’s future? Meanwhile, Ted Warren, an obsessed computer geek starts stalking her, calling her Laurel. She can’t get rid of him and before she can figure it out, Ted is murdered and Lily is now in first place as the killer. Lily struggles to prove her innocence, and deal with the enigma of a new man in her life and the secret behind Ted’s obsession and death. In a harrowing climax, Lily discovers the truth, but it may not be in time to save her own life.

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This is not a very long book, I think I read it in about an hour….but don’t let the length fool you.  I was amazed at the amount of mystery and suspense that was in this book!  Lily meets a handsome man in the coffee shop and things seem too good to be true.  At the same time, a co-worker insists she is someone names Laurel and she thinks he must be delusional (and crazy!).  There are a lot of clues along the way to tip you off to what might be happening but they weren’t all obvious to me…maybe I just preferred enjoying the book versus trying to solve the mystery.  I thought the writing was well executed and I will definitely take a look for more of Fran’s books.

We give this 4 1/2 paws


About the Author:

fran orensteinFran Orenstein, Ed.D., award-winning author and poet, wrote her first poem at age eight and submitted a short story to a magazine at age twelve. Her published credits include: Gaia’s Gift, a contemporary woman’s novel (World Castle Publishing/WCP); three ‘tween novels (Sleepytown Press/SP); a young adult fantasy adventure (WCP); a chapter book for younger kids (WCP); and, Reflections, a book of poetry for adults (SP).

Her prize-winning short stories and poetry have appeared in various anthologies. She presents writing and publishing workshops at various venues in the Southwest Florida area. Fran’s books are available in ebook and paperback format.

Fran has been a teacher, a counselor, written professionally as a magazine editor/writer, and also wrote political speeches, newsletters, legislation, and promotional material while working for NJ State Government for 22 years. She wrote professional papers on gender equity and violence prevention, which she presented at national and international conferences. Fran managed programs for women in gender equity, early education, and disabilities, as well as serving as Special Projects and Disabilities Officer for the AmeriCorps Commission in New Jersey.

She has a BA in Early Childhood Education, a MEd in Counseling Psychology, and an Ed.D. in Child and Youth Studies. Fran is a member of the Florida Writers Association, the Florida State Poets Association, and the National League of American Pen Women.

Visit Fran’s World for further information on her books, blogs and events.

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***I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***