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Letter From Home

by: Bethanne Strasser


An Army doctor, Lena Rodriguez has always been too busy with school or the Army for romance. But the letters she received during deployment have captured her heart. Back home for the holidays, she awaits Christmas morning to meet the man who has turned her life upside down.

When Zack Benson watched his best friend’s sister Lena leave for Afghanistan, he knew he had to tell her he loved her. So he sent her anonymous love letters. Now that she’s home, he realizes he’s made a tactical error. Lena has fallen for the man in those letters but still thinks of him as a brother. He has to convince her otherwise because if he succeeds, he’ll get the best Christmas present ever. But if he fails, he could lose her for good.


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Zack has loved Lena for a long time but was never willing to admit it. Lena has been receiving letters over the past year from a mysterious hometown fella that has declared his love. Will Zack let slip he was the letter writer this past year or will Lena figure it out?

This was a very enjoyable novella.  The characters were very real and included real feelings and situations tied to life in the military.  I liked how Lena has a large family and how her older brothers still treat her like the kid sister that needs protection.  I can’t blame Zack for not letting on sooner that he had feelings for her, who would want to deal with the older brothers who were also his best friend(s)?

A fun read and we give it 4 paws up.


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