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Today I’m welcoming Michele Lynn Seigfriend and her main character in her mystery books, Chelsey Alton, to StoreyBook Reviews and we are going to get some great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day which is just 2 days away!  Ladies, if you are struggling for something to get your fella, take note of these ideas….Lord knows I will be!


Gift Ideas from Chelsey Alton

Guest post by Michele Lynn Seigfried


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I started to think about what I could get for my husband, but I was fresh out of ideas. It didn’t help that both my husband’s birthday and Christmas both took place within the past two months! So, I thought we’d get a few pointers from Chelsey Alton the main character in Red Tape and Tax Cut.

Chelsey is a single mom, with a love interest or two. Since she’s new on the dating scene, I asked her what she was thinking about getting for her potential suitors. “I’m not actually in a long-term, serious relationship,” Chelsey said, “so I’m not sure I would expect to get a gift for Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure if I should buy something either. I hate this part of dating…the whether or not I should buy a gift part.” I asked her to make a list of ten things that she would give to someone she was new to dating and here is what she came up with:

* A T-shirt or something with a team logo. It shows you are paying attention to his likes, but doesn’t look overly sentimental for someone I haven’t dated very long. I don’t want to send him running in a panic with a gift that makes him think I’m in love with him after only a few dates.

* Hobby items. If he played golf, I’d get him some golf balls. If he was a chef, I’d get him a new kitchen gadget. For a wine lover, I’d get him an aerator. For a fisherman, new lures.

* Toys. Let’s face it, boys like their toys. I once bought a man a Pez dispenser and he acted like I had given him a million dollars. Star wars figures, Hess trucks, or a dart board are good examples.

* Beer, assuming he drinks. The liquor stores carry unique craft beers in unusual sizes, with fun names, and amusing labels. Or if there is a local brewery, beer from there is unique. You could book a tour of the brewery to go with it.

* Winery tasting/tour. Where I live in New Jersey, there are many wineries. They offer tours and tastings, some of which include cheese or other food items as well. It’s a unique thing to do and it gives you an idea for where to go on a date as well.

* Tickets to local sporting events. The local baseball and hockey teams where I’m from charge very little for tickets. Sometimes, there are local boxing matches and indoor football games at the arena. Two tickets that are somewhat inexpensive for the guy to go with his buddies or to bring me, is a thoughtful way to remember someone on Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.

*  Tickets to a comedy show. Who doesn’t like to laugh?

* Lottery tickets. Scratch-offs are fun and maybe he’d win more than what you paid for the tickets.

* Movie tickets. I never met a guy who didn’t like going to the movies. I’m not saying they don’t exist, I just haven’t met one!

* Something weird or unusual. I once got a “Corkcicle” and I thought it was the coolest thing. Amazon sells them. They make them for beer too. Once I found a magnesium fire starter at a craft show. That was unique for someone who has a fireplace or likes camping. At a different craft show, I found a ketchup/mustard/salt/pepper holder that was in the shape of a picnic table. Great for someone who likes to grill.

Thank you Chelsey Alton!  I think these sound like great ideas, not only for Valentine’s Day and not only for a new love interest!  I’m sure my brother or my husband would love to get some of these gifts! I hope you also found this list useful! Check out what Chelsey is up to in her life in my new novel, Tax Cut, a cozy mystery that will keep you guessing and make you laugh!