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sexual adventures



Once I dreamed a beautiful dream,
But now that dream is gone from me…

The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space is an award-winning epistolary novel told in the form of excerpts from a young man’s journal. After a group of friends becomes addicted to the concept of lucid dreaming, they find a way to medically induce themselves into comas with the goal of extending their lucid experiences. When things get out of hand and someone dies, the friends must find a way to cover it up.

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About the Author

If I wrote my “About Me” page I would just make myself appear to be Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters, so for the purpose of accuracy I’m going to have someone else write it.

“The 411 on Brian Sfinas”, by An Old Friend:

Brian Sfinas is a writer, musician, assassin, artist, hacky sack player, voice actor, narcissist and master manipulator. The only thing he likes better than watching the world crumble around him, is sex with multiple beautiful women in a public place while having cigarettes, vodka, and mashed potatoes within arms reach. Brian could be the world’s next Tolstoy, or he could be criminally insane; it’s a toss up. A warning to all of the ladies out there drooling over his remarkably romantic rhetoric: he’s great in bed, and I mean truly great, but your parents will hate him… so you’ll keep your legs crossed if you know what’s good for you.

Brian writes lyrics, poetry, prose, novels, plays, political commentary, erotica, battle raps, and insults. If you enjoy beautiful, honest, and somewhat offensive writing you’ve come to the right place.

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