Posted in 5 paws, Author, Book Club, excerpt, Urban on March 24, 2014

On Sunday, our Book Club had Rachel Caine as our guest.  My husband met Rachel at our mail box location and struck up a conversation with her when he saw all the books.  Hubby does know what a voracious reader I am so of course that would catch his eye.  She gave him her card and said to get in touch and she would come speak to us.  After months of conversations and a postponement due to weather, we finally were able to meet and have a conversation about her books, publishing, contracts, the production of Morganville Vampires into a web series, her many talents (including web design) and many other things.  It was a delightful 2 hours and I know several of us could have sat there and for a few more hours talking to her about anything and everything.

We all read a book by her and my pick was Working Stiff, the first book in the Revivalist series.  I really enjoyed this book even though urban fantasy really isn’t my normal genre to read.  I did realize pretty quickly that a coworker would enjoy this book, and I was right!  This is the first of a 3 book series so I will be looking for the next 2 in the series so I can see how it all end.  I did give this book 5 paws in my rating system.

Bryn Davis has her whole life ahead of her. A new job as a funeral director. A new start. But when she discovers her boss has a side business reviving the dead with a hijacked government pharmaceutical, she’s not just in danger … she’s dead. Revived, enslaved to the nanite drug to keep herself alive, Bryn finds an ally in mysterious stranger Patrick McCallister … and a new purpose as a spy for the pharmaceutical giant trying to recover its lost property.


Thank you Rachel for joining us, it was fun!