Posted in 4 paws, Cozy, Monday, mystery on March 17, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, are you wearing your green?!

Today’s issue of Mystery Monday features a new release from author Maddy Hunter, Fleur de Lies, which is the 9th book in the Passport to Peril series.

fleur de lies


Intrepid travel agency owner Emily Andrew-Miceli is taking her group of squabbling tech-savvy octogenarians to France for a Seine River cruise from Normandy to Paris. Joining the group are father and son funeral directors Woody and Cal Jolly, three beautiful but shallow Texans who sell Mona Michelle beauty products, and Emily’s ex-husband Jack, who after gender reassignment surgery is now Jackie, and one of the Mona Michelle company’s top sales reps.

Emily’s hopes for a fatality-free trip are dashed when a tour member meets an unfortunate end. Murder? Mishap? Between visiting the D-Day museum, spending time at Monet’s stomping grounds in Etretat, and partaking of delectable eclairs and macaroons from the magnifique bakeries of Vernon, Emily has another mystery to solve.


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Emily finds herself in the middle of another mess, this time on a river cruise through France. It was good to see Jackie back in this book since we didn’t see her in the last one.  Etienne wasn’t present in this book, would love to see more of him!

I have to say that Maddy did a great job of leading me down the wrong path and who I thought the killer was….needless to say you don’t get all the info you need to guess until the end. This is ok, I like being surprised!  I loved the ditzy characters from Texas because while no all people from Texas are like this, we do have quite a few.

We give this book 4 paws and look forward to book 10.