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Initially optioned as a screenplay, Black Lotus was subsequently selected as a semi-finalist in the Court TV nation-wide contest for best original mystery – a contest drawing more than 2,000 entries. The novel has since been labeled by more than one critic as “filmed noir in a book.”

Written in a unique style, Black Lotus diverts from traditional mystery and becomes something more like The Office TV show – except covered in blood. It uses a real-time technique with the camera always present, following the action and recording the characters as they speak.

The narrative: African American detective Lotus Williams is fired after the death of her young daughter pushes her into a downward spiral of cocaine use. An outstanding detective before her fall, Lotus is finally given another chance with a new police department, this time in New Parise – a city controlled by two drug cartels viciously battling for supremacy.

Meanwhile, a potentially “psychotic” investigative journalist believes that the powerful New Parise officials are behind much of the city’s illegal activity. Coincidentally obsessed with the gorgeous female Chief of Police, Francesca Corelli, this nosy journalist is fired from her newspaper and ordered to get out of town – or else.

It is within this mire of possible corruption and open gang-war that Lotus Williams has her second chance. But Lotus soon finds herself caught in a web of possible deceit and lies that quickly put her own life in danger.

The denouement is a total surprise, although clues are sprinkled liberally throughout the work so the astute reader may be able to solve the mystery.

The novel is slated for publication this summer. Excerpts from and pre-order forms for the novel are available at Treasure Chest Press. A contest whereby readers offer Black Lotus characters advice is now in full-swing. The most salient, practical advice will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. There is no entrance fee; and no solicitations will ensue because of initial entry.

Black Lotus excerpts

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About the Author

Lita Lepie is a graduate of Vassar College and was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence where she was a personal student of Grace Paley. Author of ten novels, several plays, dozens of short stories and poems for the past twenty years, Lita Lepie has been represented by top NYC literary agents.

Despite only marginal success in print media, her persistence is either to be admired or pitied. She feels passionately driven to write, and, like any other addiction, numerous attempts to give up her avocation have all failed miserably.

The writer lives in NYC with her Pixiebob cat, Hunter, and her African grey Timneh parrot, Pearl. She works as a high-end trainer to private clients. On a freelance basis she is available as a body guard [she has extensive mixed martial arts training] and raconteur.