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Today’s edition of Mystery Monday brings you a book by author Stone Patrick called The Fallen Body.  I really do like it when authors contact me about their books (despite my current backlog) because there are so many great authors out there that just need a little exposure.  So I like to help out when I can and of course when the book is set in Texas (where I live) I usually want to read it because I want to see if they get it right.  I have to say that Stone got it right (which I would hope since he lives in North Texas!)….and it was really neat to see my alma mater mentioned in the book – Texas Wesleyan University.  That was quite the surprise and it was just a quick reference to a character, but honestly, how many authors mention small universities that are real?  Ok, so I don’t go check out all universities mentioned in books, but I always assume they aren’t “real” schools.

Anyway, check out this book if you have the chance.



Small-town lawyer Taylour Dixxon befriends Sarah Cockrell Baines, a New Jersey socialite and millionairess. As their friendship begins, Sarah is arrested for the murder of her husband. When Taylour volunteers to defend Sarah, she has no idea that her struggling law practice in sleepy Marlinsville, Texas, will be turned upside down. Taylour’s life will never be the same.





This book was quite the surprise mostly from some of the references, but because it drew me in right from the start.  I wondered about Sarah and turns out my inklings were somewhat correct about her.  I like how Taylour took an interest in her nephew and let him move in with her for the short term while things at home for him were sorted out with his father and pregnant step-mother.  There is one character that disappeared that I wish had been resolved or mentioned what happened to this person.  I thought the characters were all pretty well developed, the mystery/suspense kept me on the edge of my seat and there was just a hint at romance to round out the story.

I am not sure if this will be a series or not, but I could see it turning into more books in this town of Malinsville – it is close enough to the Dallas/Fort Worth area that the author can bring in action from the “big city” as he did in this book.

We give it 4 paws up!


About the Author

Stone Patrick is a pseudonym for Taylor Stonely, and he has a day job working for a financial services company. He received a BS degree from Brigham Young in 1991 and an MBA degree from the University of Phoenix in 2002. He currently resides in North Texas with his wife and four children. The Fallen Body is his debut suspense novel.

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