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breakup doctor


Title: The Breakup Doctor
Series: The Breakup Doctor Series
Series #: #1
Category: Contemporary Women
Pub Date: June 10, 2014
Pages: 298
Format: Trade Paperback | eBook



Call Brook Ogden a matchmaker-in-reverse. Let others bring people together; Brook, licensed mental health counselor, picks up the pieces after things come apart. When her therapy practice collapses, she maintains perfect control: landing on her feet with a weekly advice-to-the-lovelorn column and a successful consulting service as the Breakup Doctor: on call to help you shape up after a break up.

But when her own relationship suddenly crumbles, Brook finds herself engaging in almost every bad-breakup behavior she preaches against. As her increasingly out-of-control behavior lands her at rock-bottom, Brook realizes you can’t always handle a messy breakup neatly—and that sometimes you can’t pull yourself together until you let yourself fall apart.


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This was a fun read.  Brook may be a counselor but that doesn’t mean she knows how to take her own advice when her own relationship goes south.  It doesn’t help that a lot of things happen at once to throw Brook for a loop – news from her parents, losing her office, her relationship with her boyfriend.

The book is well written and I think any of us could see ourselves in her shoes.  The book captured my interest from the first chapter and I’m not sure if she is going to write more about the other people in the book (like Sasha) but I will definitely be looking for my books by this author.

We give this book 4 paws up!


About the Author

Phoebe Fox has been a contributor and regular columnist for a number of national, regional, and local publications; a movie, theater, and book reviewer; a screenwriter; and has even been known to help with homework revisions for nieces and nephews. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two excellent dogs.


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