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Kids can say the creepiest things.

27 New Zealand and American authors delve into the strange, the unexpected, and the downright terrifying things that kids say in this collection of all new flash fiction. From the mouths of babes come 37 stories, from the haunting to the hilarious to the horrific.

Leave the lights on tonight. So you’ll see them coming.


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Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Collected Work, 2014

Winner – Australian Shadows Award for Edited Publication, 2014

Winner – Australian Shadows Award for Short Stories, 2014: Debbie Cowens, “Caterpillar”

Finalist – Australian Shadows Award for Short Stories, 2014: JC Hart, “The Dead Way”

About the editors

Dan Rabarts

Dan Rabarts is a writer of fantasy novels and speculative fiction, sometime narrator of podcasts (including stories for the Hugo award-winning StarShipSofa), occasional sailor of sailing things, and father of two wee miracles in a little house on a hill, under the southern sun.

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Lee Murray

Once, in a galaxy far far away, Lee Murray dreamed of natty suits with shoulder pads and a brilliant career in science management. Instead, she was carried along in the wake of her husband’s brilliant career, living all over the world, enjoying clotted cream teas in Hertfordshire, pumpkin pie in America’s mid-west, and seven years of salade de chèvre in France.

She slipped the suit on briefly during a stint as New Zealand’s Energy Advisor to the OECD, to be replaced with steel-capped boots as a safety officer, then a scientist’s lab-coat, and even a massage therapist’s sports pants before turning to writing, which has allowed her to wear her pyjamas until lunchtime. Nowadays, she is the multiple Sir Julius Vogel Award winning author of novels such as A Dash of Reality (romantic comedy) Battle of the Birds (children’s novel) and the young adult novel, Misplaced. Lee lives with her husband and two teenaged children near the ocean in New Zealand.

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