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A cold and unfeeling firefighter, Jaxon Good, with little to no regard for his own life takes one more chance and saves a little girl from a burning school. After questions and speculations rise about how and why the fire was started, a reporter, Cassidy Irons, enters his life with a stubborn streak that matches and sometimes overpowers his own. When Cassidy learns what happened to the little girl Jaxon Good saved, Madelyn Ward, her life suddenly becomes in jeopardy. Death threats and one phone call forces Cassidy to rethink her decision to tell Madelyn’s story, but she continues with it against better judgment. It ends up with her kidnapped and Jaxon is the one who ends up saving her, nearly killing himself in the process and that does not set well with Cassidy. Animosity for putting his own life in danger stems from Cassidy and they end up developing an explosive love/hate relationship, especially when Cassidy doesn’t fall into Jaxon’s arms like every other woman he’s saved throughout the years. Cassidy challenges him in ways Jaxon is not used to and with the hit man still on the loose, he has no choice except to become her new bodyguard of sorts. Living and sleeping together forces both individuals to swallow their pride and they grow to have a newfound understanding of each other, falling for each other in the process. Jaxon fights it every step of the way, not wanting to feel because then it means he’ll have to face his own dark past and demons. He won’t let Cassidy die either though. Can Jaxon get Cassidy out of his life before she tries to teach him to feel again? Or will Cassidy change him into a person he’s not sure he wants to be?


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About the Author

elainaBrought up from the streets of Chicago in a small town called East Hazel Crest, Jaden wasn’t meant to succeed in anything.  Most people brought up in the conditions she did went down the same path as their parents, but not Jaden.  Instead, she witnessed what happened to her parents with drugs and alcohol and went down the opposite path.  From the young age of 10, Jaden found her love for writing, thanks to her best friend Dusty Bennett, but never actually tried her hand in writing until the age of 12.  From the moment her fingers began typing on the keyboard, Jaden never looked back and let her imagination run wild.  During her teen years, she had a hard time accepting what her past was and being bullied in grades 5-7 before moving to a new town called Dixon.  From there, she continued writing and found a way to channel all of her emotions and inner turmoil into something creative.  Now, 16 years later she’s finally ready to try being a successful writer and her dream is to be on the New York Times bestseller list.  She is also a loving mother and wife, always putting her family first before anything.