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“What a nightmare…” Jake says as one day bleeds into the next. Murders are happening all across the nation.. why”? Is this a series of freak isolated incidents or by design? Characters in this story cross paths… coincidence? Maybe or maybe not… this for the reader to determine…and decided whether to answer the S.O.S. call…

Brenda and Brad’s marriage had been dissolving over the years, but right before it completely evaporated the couple decided to give it one last shot. However, things took a turn for the worst when Brad committed suicide. Or was he murdered? Ginny explores the themes of money, marriage and murder in her new mystery novel, Blue-Eyed Ruse.

“[Brenda] sits there and wonders why all of this stuff is happening to her.  Why Brad?  Why now? They were just about to start the next part of their life together.”

The protagonist uncovers painful information about her late husband’s double life that make her feel as if she never really knew him at all. With the help of close friends, her faith and the motivation of her children, she finds the strength to continue her life despite her pain and feelings of betrayal. Through the novel, Ginny encourages her readers to remain hopeful no matter the circumstance and to find their inner strength during hard times.


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About the Author

Ginny Frings writing beside St. Louis ArchOn June 15, 2000, Ginny Frings survived a head-on car collision, when another driver was driving the wrong direction on the interstate evading police.  Her 13-month old twins were in the back seat. This experience inspired her to encourage others experiencing tough times. Her clients refer to her as the “Transformational Speaker” because she teaches her audiences how to learn from challenges and transform them into victories. Ginny is the author of the recently published Blue-Eyed Ruse. It is an inspirational book written about the pains and triumphs of a newly widowed mother, who discovers her late husband was not the man he said he was.

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The author is kindly giving away a print copy of her book, Blue Eyed Ruse.  Open to US residents only please

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