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When Florida psychotherapist, Maggie McGill, plans a vacation visit to her daughter, Allie, in California the mysterious events initially seem only coincidences. But as the visit is plagued by a series of increasingly dangerous events they begin to fear for their safety. The two unsuspecting women are caught up in a mystery that causes them to follow a twisting trail of terror and uncover a diabolical conspiracy that threatens their very lives. Who is the inscrutable Sufi mystic who provides aid through their travails? How did he become part of their adventures? This is suspenseful story telling at it peak of gripping power tempered by a sense of fun and lighthearted mystery.


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This book has action pretty much from the beginning, I just felt a little lost with the characters and what was happening at times. Maggie and Allie have an excellent mother/daughter relationship and it is nice to see them enjoying spending time with each other…even when it is under not so great circumstances.

I do wonder if this book was to be set about 10 years or so ago because Maggie takes pictures with a camera that uses film. Although they do have cell phones, so maybe she just prefers this type of camera?

There is a variety of interesting characters and I was very surprised at who the underlying “bad guy” turned out to be. The storyline keeps you hopping and wondering what situation Maggie might find herself in next.

We give this 3 1/2 paws and will be interested in seeing what the next book holds for Maggie.



About the Author

Sharon Burch Toner is the author of the Maggie McGill Mysteries series.

This series of lighthearted mystery adventures features a mother/daughter team, Maggie and Allie McGill. The two strong, independent, and resourceful women romp through their mysterious and frightening adventures with grace and an enduring joie de vivre that serves them and the reader well.

The seventh book of the series, Maggie in White, is now available in both print and Kindle editions. Work on the next Maggie book, due out late 2015, will begin in January.

Sharon Burch Toner’s Irish grandmother gave her a lifelong appreciation for a story well told. Her love affair with books began at age six when she discovered the public library in her small town. From that young age, she proceeded to devour any printed material that crossed her path.

After a life as mother, psychotherapist and spiritual explorer, writing is her retirement occupation. She says that for her writing is as necessary as food and shelter.

She lives with her two feline roommates in southern California