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Today I welcome authors Joyce and Jim Lavene who have written many series and just started a new series about (retiring) witches!  It is a fun book and I hope you like it…but for now, here is what they have to say about Christmas and witches

Magical Mystery Tour 2 573

Witches for Christmas?

By Joyce and Jim Lavene


When we found out that the first book in our Retired Witches Mystery series was going to come out right before Christmas, we were worried. Would people want to read about witches during the holidays?

There was nothing we could do about the timing. We had to do the best we could with it.

We decided right away not to write a book about Christmas. Some witches celebrate Christmas – some don’t. But overall, that just didn’t seem like a good idea.

Instead we decided to focus heavily on our characters – three older witches who are ready to retire from their merry hijinks. They had been friends most of their lives, had been as close as sisters, all living in the same town, Wilmington, North Carolina.

Why Wilmington?

You’ll understand if you ever travel there. It’s an old town of pirates, thieves, and scoundrels. Blackbeard the Pirate sailed in and out of the Cape Fear River. The Atlantic Ocean is close by, making it an important port of call since the 1500s. The cobblestone streets and dark back alleys are part of the mystique along with strange seafaring tales of people buried in rum barrels and blockade runners who almost helped the Confederacy beat the North during the Civil War.

Go on the ghost walk and listen to the stories of how people hid in tunnels under their houses when pirates and other dark creatures roamed through the night. Hear about the old cemeteries and widow’s walks where some women still wait for their lovers to come home.

But back to our ladies – Elsie, Molly, and Olivia. They have never been what one might term ‘serious’ about their craft. They were happy to help the schools their children attended win ball games and keep the tires on their cars from going flat with small spells. They were mothers, wives, and friends first and then witches.

They are thrust into another direction when their friend, Olivia, is killed and their spell book is stolen. Suddenly life changes for them and they get involved with finding Olivia’s killer. Revenge would be sweet but justice is paramount. Our ladies find that the paths we sometimes think we should follow aren’t always the right ones for us.

Magic can be amplified with love and hope. Maybe they aren’t as helpless as they thought.


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Tears for a world

Tear for a World by Alexander Fernandez

The holy artifact bonded around Marisylia Malludar’s neck gives her incredible physical and magical powers—at a price. The bloody piece of vein is consuming Marisylia’s body inch by inch, her skeletal hands and feet only the beginning of a slow death. A cruel sorceress and her assassins are on the hunt for Marisylia to steal the artifact. Religious fanatics, volatile and unstable in their blind faith, also seek her to exploit the vein’s most dangerous purpose—liberating the erratic Creator of the World, Lysielle, from her 1,000 year incarceration. With the vein the key to Lysielle’s freedom, Marisylia must use her abilities to survive long enough to find Lysielle first. Then her most grim challenge awaits—deciding if the Creator has truly repented for attempting to destroy all life. To achieve global peace, Marisylia must discover faith in the unpredictable Lysielle or rely on her own instincts to set the world’s fate.





Marisylia blinked and rubbed milk out of her eyes, but the mob wasn’t finished. A stiff hand shoved her from behind and she stumbled against the table. Unfinished slices of pie and rolls of bread pelted her.

With nowhere to hide, she dove into the horde and tried to shove her way out. Most of the people only yelled insults as they let her pass. Others bumped her roughly with their shoulders, tried to trip her, or pushed her around so she bounced back and forth between pairs of hands.

One woman caught Marisylia and carefully steadied her. She peered into the woman’s eyes, one friendly person amid the riled swarm. The lady smiled softly, then suddenly spit into Marisylia’s face.

When the saliva splattered her cheek, Marisylia stopped caring why the citizens acted like this. Whether due to fear of the religious power, worry that it would infest Three Fingers, or simply senseless anger, none of it mattered anymore since the time to quit had arrived.

All of her determination to succeed had been ripped to shreds by the crowd. Each hand that shoved, every object that struck, drained her enthusiasm. Her devotion to the religion had drowned in the woman’s spit. It was all too much. Marisylia didn’t have Milick’s iron skin or Shri Lilyn’s boldness. She had nothing, only the desire to run away and forget everything.


“This is a fantastic story, and the various characters will blow you away. It’s one of the best reads I’ve had in a long while.” ~ Author Trana M. Simmons


AlexAbout the Author

Alexander Fernandez was born in Santa Monica, CA and grew up in Rancho Cucamonga. Currently serving over 20 years in the United States Air Force, he lives with his wife Helem in Rocklin, CA.
Alex has been writing fantasy stories since early childhood for both school and for pleasure. He hopes to make a lasting emotional impact in his readers. He thrives in the exhilaration of creating memorable characters and adventures that become a part of the reader’s life.

Website * Facebook * Twitter

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antique magic banner

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antique magic cover


Antique dealer Alicia Trent is hired to appraise a huge collection of treasures hoarded by a woman who has recently died in the town where Alicia grew up.

The huge old house poses mystery after mystery from the moment she arrives, but the stakes become deadly when murder is added to the mix. The question then becomes, can she stay alive long enough to unmask the killer?

Wings e Press I Amazon I Barnes & Noble


Without consciously making a decision to do so, I grabbed my robe and headed for the door. If the thief was in the house, it might be my chance to identify him or her. One last glance at the globe showed the black was now mixed with a lot of orange. It looked like a Halloween decoration.

I turned off the light in the room, then quietly unlocked and opened my door. A flashlight would be a big help, but mine was packed in my suitcase. This was the first time I’d needed it. I eased out into the dark hall. A nightlight plugged in at the top of the stairs made a dim glow and I started in that direction. Moving slowly, I listened intently for any unusual noise. Everything seemed quiet and peaceful. I didn’t think anyone had stayed overnight in the house except Naomi and me. The stairs were solid and didn’t make a sound as I crept down. Time moved in slow motion and it seemed to take forever to reach the bottom. Once there, I began making my way to the living room. We always turned off the electronic security on that door at night since there were no potential buyers coming in and out after five. Even though I still hadn’t seen anything suspicious, somehow the atmosphere seemed wrong. Danger seemed to lurk in every dark corner. I was anxious to make sure the items displayed for viewing hadn’t been disturbed. Moving into the room and closing the door seemed to take forever. I couldn’t wait to get the light turned on. At first glance everything looked fine. Walking around the items for a closer look, I still didn’t see any evidence of tampering. Maybe I was overreacting and chasing ghosts. I decided to return to my room, but instead I veered into the study for a quick look. I wasn’t quite ready to admit my fears were just my nerves playing tricks. This time I hadn’t done the smart thing and called for Dan. He had to be tired of my crying wolf and not finding any evidence. I’d need a darn good reason before choosing to disrupt the entire household again.

At first the study also seemed undisturbed, but as my eyes adjusted, my heart skipped a beat. Someone had pushed the button that moved the desk aside. The light on the stairs leading down into the passageway had been turned on. Someone had entered the house, but I couldn’t call Dan from here and didn’t want to lose the chance to discover the identity of the intruder. All of a sudden my policy of not crying wolf didn’t seem so wise. I picked up a large letter opener from the desk and started down the stairs. The cloying feeling of danger increased with each step. The second bookcase on the left hand side of the hall was moved aside, revealing a passage I hadn’t known existed. The walls in this new passage were lined with artwork. Creeping silently along, I noticed that the art consisted of a variety of styles. At a quick glance I saw pen-and-ink, charcoals, watercolors and oils. I wouldn’t know what all was there until I had time to investigate. Right now my attention was focused on finding out who was down here and why. The passage climbed steadily upward. There didn’t seem to be any side doors, at least none that were obvious, until the end of the passage. Here one door opened to the right. By now my sense of direction had become confused and I wasn’t sure what part of the house this passage ran through, but it might be somewhere on the second floor.


I loved the book, a lot of intrigue and an interesting cast of characters that left you wondering who was good and who was bad. I liked how Alicia brought in various types of antiques into the storyline and I was able to learn a little bit about the various categories and it makes me wonder if I have any unusual antiques around my house…probably not but you never know!

I was totally surprised by who the “bad guy” was in this book. It was definitely not someone I was anticipating but did guess the “why” or how this person was tied in to the family as more information was revealed or “discovered” by the family and Alicia.

I think this is going to be a series and that is exciting because the book intrigued me and I can’t wait to find out what situation Alicia gets into next and if any of the love interests from this book continue in future segments.

We give this 5 paws up!


About the Author

From living off the grid in the Arizona desert, Eileen has moved to the woods of upstate New York. She has authored a standalone adventure novel called Desert Shadow. She is also the author of Alicia Trent Series. The Black Cane : Dowager Diaries Book 1 is her latest release.

Blog I Facebook I Goodreads I Amazon


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life as a sixth grade super zero

My Life as a 6th Grade Super Zero by Peggy Martinez

You’d think being a superhero would be cool. And you’re right. It would be cool, especially since the entire world is filled with plain old regular people. Superheroes and supervillains are kind of hard to find, but not as hard as some people like to think. So, anything would be better than being just a normal, everyday 6th grader, right? Wrong. The only thing worse than being an average kid would be being what I am, and that is a hero with a totally useless, mega wonky, super power. I’m a dud—a zero. That’s me, Theo Perkins, a 6th grade super-freaking-zero.


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My mom and dad are superheroes. Even my sister, who is in high school and has no time for her kid brother, is a superhero. Talk about a lot of pressure, right? Mom has super strength and dad has super speed. My sister, Marcy, has super hearing, which makes it really awkward if you have to go to the bathroom, if you know what I mean. And that’s where I come in. My name is Theo Perkins and I’ll be starting Juniper Springs Middle School in a few days. The trouble is, I just got my own super powers and they aren’t exactly what I had in mind. I figured, you know, with all the awesomeness floating around in my family, I was bound to get some super cool powers when the time came. Man, was I ever wrong.
I’ve heard stories about some kids getting weird, useless powers and even some kids getting powers that glitch more than they work. But I thought those were just made up to scare super kids into being good. It turns out that not only are they true, but I am one of the lucky (not!) super kids who got a mega dud for a super power. Instead of beginning my first day of middle school as a superhero, I’m beginning it as a super ZERO.

Praise for the Book

“This is definitely a book that I would have no problem sharing with my kids. Your superheroes have the most creative powers!” -Lindsay Galloway, Contagious Reads.


Author Peggy MartinezAbout the Author

When not writing, Peggy Martinez can be found spending time at home with her husband, her teen son, and four little girls. She loves reading, writing, soap making, aromatherapy, gangster movies, prepping for the zombie apocalypse, and downing insane amounts of Twizzlers and Kazoozles.
As if being a wife and homeschooling mom of five doesn’t keep her busy enough, Peggy is a full time Author who has six published books, including The Time Warper Series, State of Decay, Sweet Contradiction, and Unnatural Occurrence. The 6th Grade Super Zero series is Peggy’s first Middle Grade book series, but she’s pretty sure it won’t be her last!

Website * Twitter * Facebook * Pinterest



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Rae of Hope front cover

About Rae of Hope: Stories from Survivors

Rae of Hope: Stories from Survivors is a collection of real stories, written by real people who have suffered at the hands of bullies. In each story, contributors dig deep into their own painful memories, to vulnerably expose their horrors with the hope that their survival will inspire others to fight.

This collection includes contributions from across Canada, the US and UK. Read stories of bullying survivors, including submissions from Leah Parson’s, whose daughter Rehtaeh was bullied to suicide in 2013 in Nova Scotia; Jenna Nickie, the “Warrior Mom” from Saskatchewan; Evan Wiens, who fought successfully for a gay-straight alliance within a Christian-based school district; and Candace Maxymowich, a budding politician subjected to international online bullying during a civic election campaign also contributed to this project. Also, Gina Dickason, founder of Families Impacted by Bullying shares her daughter Jade’s story for the first time ever.

Along with real stories, Rae of Hope: Stories from Survivors includes vital information that could help readers identify and stop bullying in their home or community.


The book can be purchased at these various locations:

Author’s Website * Emerald Publications * Amazon * Kobo * Barnes & Noble


Thoughts from the Author, Marianne Curtis

Growing up in an abusive home, Amazon bestselling author Marianne Curtis hid her love for writing. Unable to speak about her experiences, she secretly filled pages and pages, documenting the horrors of her childhood, never anticipating that one day she would be sharing that story publicly.

It was not until she had spent nearly fifteen years as a journalist that she began to recognize the value of her experiences. They had taught her patience, kindness and empathy. These experiences helped her gain the trust of others, and in turn allowed her to expose stories in the media that otherwise would have remained hidden away forever.

“I became a reporter by accident. A friend of a friend needed some help at the paper she was working at so she decided to take me under her wing. A year later, she quit and I was named lead writer,” stated Curtis. “I was not formally educated, I learned as I went, but apparently I’ve been gifted with the ability to make people “feel” with my words.”

In 2012, Curtis took things a step further by self-publishing her first book, Finding Gloria. Based on her real life experiences of being adopted, and abused, Curtis candidly shares details about her life as an adoptee, runaway, foster child, being sexually assaulted as a teen and later as a wife; her failed marriages, single parenting, her mother’s mental illness, and most of all, how all the pieces fit.

“I struggled for years, knowing something was out of place, but not knowing what. It was not until I opened up my heart and shared my experiences that I started to recognize patterns in my behaviour, and where they stemmed from. I was finally able to forgive and move forward,” Curtis continued.

Opening oneself up, can either open the door to critics or to other victims. In Curtis’ case, other victims stepped up and shared their sometimes-horrific stories.

“At one time, people mocked me; now people were thanking me for encouraging them, for showing there is life beyond abuse, and sometimes for showing them their lives were not as bad as they assumed,” Curtis stated. “People also began trusting me enough to send me their own personal stories. That was humbling.”

Knowing these stories were useless sitting in her inbox, Curtis asked senders if she could share their stories in a special series.

“Once people started talking, I had to figure out what to do with these stories,” Curtis noted. “That is where Rae of Hope comes in.”

The first edition of Rae of Hope: Stories from Survivors is geared towards sharing the stories of bullying survivors. Subsequent editions will cover the subjects of sexual violence, child abuse, domestic violence, post partum depression and other tough subjects.

“These are all subjects no one really knows how to talk about; everyone recognizes there is a problem but no one knows how to address it. I believe by sharing our stories, we encourage people who are suffering to find help, hope, and eventually let go of the pain and find healing,” Curtis stresses. “By sharing our stories, we take back our power and are no longer victims.”

Curtis admits that she never expected to become a spokesperson, but it is something she takes very seriously.

“I remember a time, when I was very ashamed of my life; not because I was doing things wrong, but because it was ‘not normal’. Now I see where I went wrong and why and since I made those connections, life has been improving greatly. It is now time for me to give back by helping others find their true paths amid the noise we call life.” Curtis concluded. “I hold no bitterness about my life; I realize now that I would not be the person I am today, if I had not experienced what I have in my life. For that, I am eternally grateful.”

About the Author

Marianne CurtisMarianne Curtis is a well-respected newspaper journalist from southern Manitoba, Canada with nearly twenty years of media, publishing, and freelance writing experience. Her first book, a personal memoir called Finding Gloria hit the bestseller list at McNally Robinson Bookstores in Winnipeg, and on Amazon in Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. Curtis’s other published titles include: Moondust and Madness: a collection of poetry, Behind Whispering Pines, Brian’s Last Ride and A Discreet Betrayal.

In 2013, she received a YWCA Woman of Distinction nod for inspiring others by sharing her story of struggle and survival after recovering from childhood abuse, bullying, and sexual assault.

Webpage * Facebook * Goodreads * Amazon Author Page * Google+ * LinkedIn * Twitter * Blog






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Award Winning and fan favorite author, Lizzy Ford, introduces us to a new time travel romance, with WEST , which Outlander fans are sure to love.

If you could change history, would you? WEST is the first installment in a series of standalone novels in the History Interrupted series featuring four women sent back to different time periods to modify historical events. Fans of Diana Gabaldon’s OUTLANDER series will cherish this new series from Bestselling Author Lizzy Ford! Look for EAST, NORTH, AND SOUTH in 2015!


If you could change history, would you?

College graduate Josephine “Josie” Jackson answers ‘yes’ to the question on a survey while visiting an Old West tourist trap. The next morning, she wakes up in Indian Territory in the 1840s, where she’s given a mission to complete before she can return to her time: to reset history by finding and stopping the man responsible for a horrific massacre.

It seems easy enough, until she discovers that three other women have been sent back to the same time period. When Josie uncovers what happened to them, she realizes the chances of her getting out of the past alive are not good.

To survive, she’ll have to trust the very man she’s there to stop, someone who has every reason to distrust her and only one reason to help her – to prove he’s not the monster she claims he’ll become.

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo


Gasping for air, my eyes flew open, and I flung my arms wide, too fevered to touch my own skin. Cold rain poured from the skies, shocking me at first. Lightning tore through the night, brilliant and bright, before it vanished and just as quickly plunged me once more into darkness.

The world smelled funny, like the area in Tombstone where a man had been super heating and blowing glass by hand. Raindrops pelted my face. The surface beneath me was hard, cool, and smelled of dirt. I was definitely not in bed, and the sensations were too real for me not to be awake. I was on my back, gazing up at a night sky. It took a moment for the fast moving clouds to take shape beyond the sunspots left over from the brilliant light.

Disoriented, I pushed myself up and looked around. I lay in the bottom of a steaming crater, right at its center. At first I thought I was surrounded by water, until I recognized the glassy, green rock.

“Moldavite,” I recited. “Occurs when dirt and dust are thrown into the atmosphere after a meteorite hits the earth.”

Moldavite was rare – and sold for a huge price. If I took some back to my aunt, I knew her jeweler could make me something from it and I could sell the rest to pay down my student loans. A thrill went through me at the discovery and I stretched towards the nearest pile. It was still soft. The weird sensation of malleable glass made me withdraw. Wiping my hand self-consciously on my wet yoga pants, I took a second look around.

How did I get to the center of a crater? Beneath me was earth, and surrounding me, moldavite. As if I had been there when the meteorite struck. As if I were the meteorite. I touched the edge of a thick chunk of moldavite near one foot. It was still soft enough for me to push an indent into but cooling rapidly. No longer super heated, it had not yet frozen into its permanent shape yet, either. This shit is worth a fortune. And there was a ton of it. If I weren’t somewhere I shouldn’t have been, I would have been calculating how to transport the rare rocks to the hotel before someone else found them.

More than the chilly rain caused the shudder that ran down my spine. Aside from feeling fevered, I was in the pajamas I normally went to sleep in. I seemed healthy or at least, uninjured.

Beyond the moldavite and patch of dirt were natural, rock-dirt walls about six feet tall topped by swaying grasses battered by the winds of the storm.

Had a meteorite hit Tombstone and flung me out of harm’s way?

Confused, I shifted to my knees. I felt … weak. As if my muscles were having difficulty remembering how to walk.

That makes no sense! Frustrated, I climbed to my feet. One pocket of my pajamas was heavy, and I reached in to see why. My cell phone was there. Satisfied I could call for help, once I was out of the crater, I ventured onto the moldavite. My feet sank into the soft glass, and I grimaced. Wobbling, I caught myself twice as I made my way to the edge of the meteor pit. Rain quickly filled my footsteps, leaving behind an eerie trail. I made it up the slope and over the edge of the crater before pausing at my second obstacle: the dirt wall that was my height.

Fevered and tired with the mild throb of an alcohol-headache, I leaned against the earthen wall standing between the prairies and me. It was much cooler than I expected, and I pressed my forehead to a flat stone for a moment. The rain was cold, and it felt good against my burning skin.

How did I survive being flung out of the city into the grasslands? I wasn’t hurt that I could tell. The last thing I really remember was staggering through town with Carter. Had he been thrown out of the town, too? What if he was hurt? What if my aunt and uncle were?

Someone’s hand stuck out over the edge of the crater. I blinked, uncertain if I was seeing things or not. It was a strong hand, with a wide palm and long fingers. Definitely a man’s hand by its size. What looked like a thick bone and leather bracelet was around his wrist.

I had been talking to Carter and then …

About the Author

LIZZY FORD PROF PICLizzy Ford is the author of over thirty books written for young adult and adult romance readers, to include the internationally bestselling “Rhyn Trilogy,” “Witchling Series” and the “War of Gods” series. Lizzy has focused on keeping her readers happy by producing brilliant, gritty romances that remind people why true love is a trial worth enduring. Lizzy’s books can be found on every major ereader library, to include: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Sony and Smashwords. She lives in southern Arizona with her husband, three dogs and a cat.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Google Plus






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Did you just see a flash of lightning across the sky on a clear sunny day? It’s not from Mother Nature. It is most likely from Mason Grand, swoon-worthy demigod, one of Zeus’s descendants.

Skylar Rome is supposed to be having the best summer ever before she heads off to college. Little did she know, her whole life was about to change while visiting her cousin. Nearly drowning at the beach due to unknown forces, one of the Grand brothers she’d just met, Mason, saves her life. Cool, collected, mysterious, and dangerously good-looking, Skylar is drawn to him from the start. Though she knows he is the type of guy good girls stayed away from, it seems he is always saving her life, and the attraction was inevitable.

Upon meeting the brothers, strange things begin to happen. When she accidentally kills one of the brothers, it throws her life into turmoil, as they search to find the answers. Implausibly, she gets caught up in a world of the decedents of ancient gods, all who have super powers. Not only is her discovery difficult to accept, evil beings are after her. Running out of time and running for her life, she must unravel a mystery. What do they want from her? Forced into a battle set into motion long before she was born, will she find the answers, or will she die trying?





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International Bestselling Author Mary Ting/M. Clarke resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.



Tour Host OUAA

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Release Date: December 4 , 2014

Published by The Writers Coffee Shop

Genre: FICTION/Romance/General

ISBN e-book:   978-1-61213-288-4

Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PH





Everyone makes choices in life. Carina Porter may have made the wrong one.

After graduating college, she sits beneath her complimentary blanket in first class dreaming of grand adventures when she lands in Italy. Carina always put others first, but now, she’s resolved to indulge in an extraordinary vacation alone in Tuscany. Finally free from the demands of school and family, she’s determined to break away from her sensible nature and take risks. When a handsome man sits beside her on the plane, those daydreams vanish.

Stefan Savano is dashing and handsome. As he shares tales of his family and vineyard, Carina is swept away by his charm. After a brief courtship, Carina falls hard, but events come to light that make her question whether Stefan is as kind-hearted as he appears to be.

Things aren’t as they seem at Savano vineyard. Carina seeks answers, but it seems everyone is keeping a secret. When Stefan’s nephew, Enzo, pays a visit to the estate she’s drawn to his kind and free-spirited nature, and they form a friendship. Stefan becomes preoccupied with work, and when Enzo’s stay ends, Carina finds herself feeling isolated. It is then that illness and responsibilities require Stefan and Carina to return to his small vineyard in quaint Ravine Creek, New York.

There, Carina meets Stefan’s entire family and the time she spends with Enzo becomes more frequent. She tries to deny her traitorous feelings for him, but their attraction grows each day.

When Carina experiences a tragedy, she learns what true love means and must choose between an unhappy existence and a life of passion.

Her decision could do more than destroy a family—it could be fatal.
Where to start – Carina has just graduated from culinary school and is taking a trip to Italy when she meets a man on a plane and he asks her to come with him to his house…and she goes with him.   At least for her foolish choice she didn’t end up dead.  And then she ends up staying with him at his home.  Ok, maybe he is handsome and charismatic, but where is her common sense?!
There are several shady characters in the book and I was very surprised at some of the actions until I got closer to the end and realized why some things happen the way that they did….don’t want to give away too much!
There are quite a few F* bombs in this book and some fairly graphic sex scenes.  Just a heads up if you prefer to avoid these types of books.
We give this book 3 1/2 paws.  While I enjoyed the basic story line (despite Carina’s foolish choices!), I felt like there was something missing.  I can’t really tell you what though…just something I can’t put my finger on.

aemersonApril Emerson moved to New York City after graduating from college with a degree in literature. As a nature lover, living in the city was a culture shock, but she soon began to enjoy being surrounded by so much energy. Submerged in perpetual crowds, April developed a fondness for people  watching, which inspired her to start writing. Drawn to both the light and dark of humanity, she strives to tell sexy and romantic stories with exquisitely complex characters. When she isn’t writing, she loves listening to music or reading a good book while enjoying a glass of wine.


Praise for Out of the Dark 
“I could recommend this book. It’s hot and I really liked the suspense element. I hope to read a book a out Stefan and his life after Carina.”  – Liz  Goodreads Review
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under a georgia

Under a Georgia Moon by Cindy Roland Anderson

Addie Heywood thought she was doing okay after her fiancé dumped her just weeks before their wedding, claiming he’d found someone else more compatible with his health food tastes. But when he marries the other woman three months later, Addie needs to get away. Leaving her home in Idaho, she escapes to Mitchel Creek, Georgia to visit her Aunt Janie. She just wants to spend the next two weeks enjoying her aunt’s southern cooking, not dodging the guys her aunt is determined to set her up with.
Chase Nichols isn’t looking for love. His dream is to trade his computer mouse for his guitar and make it big in the country music world. If he can land a job in Nashville, he might have a shot at getting discovered. His plans get derailed when he does his neighbor a favor and picks up her niece, Addie, at the airport. Things get even more complicated when his ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture. That’s when he hatches a new plan. Since Addie wants to avoid her aunt’s matchmaking schemes, and he wants to avoid his ex-girlfriend, they’ll fool the world by pretending to date. What neither of them counts on is actually falling in love.


Nervous energy buzzed through Chase, making his mouth a little dry. He wished he had a bottle of water, or at least some gum. “Just hear me out before you say no.”
“Okaaayyy.” She drew out the word as a wariness flickered in her eyes.
Chase did his best to explain about Hayden, their previous rocky relationship which hadn’t ended very friendly, and how Hayden’s father was his overbearing boss who’d ordered him to be his daughter’s escort at the party tonight.
Addie seemed to understand or at least appeared to be compassionate to his plight, especially when he told her about Hayden’s demands.
“So, let me get this straight, she’s threatened to tell Daddy to fire you if you don’t act the part of the doting boyfriend?”
Chase almost told her about the other part of the deal that might get him an audience with Tate Jepson, but decided to keep that part to himself.
“Yeah, but I was stupid and told her I had a girlfriend and I wouldn’t do it.”
“You have a girlfriend?”
 “No, but I panicked and said I do.” Chase looked up and gave Addie a half smile. “I kind of told her you were my girlfriend.”
“So,” Chase said, deciding to hurry up and make the deal before she took off running. “I was thinking that if you and I pretended to be dating then I can avoid Hayden and you can avoid being set up with all the guys Janie has in mind.”
Addie didn’t say anything for several heartbeats. Chase finally dared to look her in the eyes and was surprised to see her smiling at him. “Hmm, so tonight you’ll have to pretend to be Hayden’s boyfriend while pretending to be my boyfriend?”
Heat crept up his neck. When she put it that way it sounded so ridiculous. “You know what. Just forget it. I’ll man up and let the consequences fall where they may.”
“Hold on, there. Let’s not make any rash decisions.” She nudged him in the shoulder. “We both know Aunt Janie isn’t going to back off until I go out on at least one date whether it’s with you or Pastor Daniel.”
“Whatever. The point is she won’t stop trying to set me up. She even mentioned another guy I might like to meet that works at the assisted living place her friend Hazel lives in. So, since you and I are friends, and if you really don’t mind faking our undying love for each other, let’s go for it. It will make both of our lives much easier.”
He studied her for a few seconds. It wasn’t going to be hard pretending to be into her. “Are you sure?”
“Positive.” She stuck out her hand and Chase felt some of the tension leave his shoulders.
He placed his hand in hers, and the second their palms met he could feel heat travel the length of his arm. “Thank you for doing this.”
Her eyes flickered down at their clasped hands and Chase realized the tricky part about pretending to fall for Addie would be to not let it really happen.



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Praise for Under a Georgia Moon

“This is just the kind of sweet romance that I love. I thought the plot was fun and the writing well done, was paced well and kept me wanting more. Throw in some swoony moments and I was hooked.” –Kathy (Bookworm Nation)

“Often times when I read multiple books by the same author I am worried that the later books won’t live up to the first one. That is NOT the case with Under a Georgia Moon. I was hooked on Cindy Anderson’s writing with Fair Catch and then again with Discovering Sophie and now with this book.” –Sara Ebert

I love all of Cindy’s books, but so far this one is my favorite! I just didn’t want it to end. Definitely a book that I will read over again. –Dana Weaver

Under a Georgia Moon

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Cindy Roland

About the Author

Hi, I’m Cindy Roland Anderson. I write clean, contemporary romance with a combination of humor, romantic tension and some pretty great kissing scenes. I’m lucky to be married to my best friend. I love being a mother and have five amazing children. Our family has expanded by adding a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and four adorable grandchildren. I’m a registered nurse and work in the newborn intensive care unit. I love to read, almost as much as I love writing. And I love chocolate, probably a little too much.

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rose and helena



The Rose Gardner Series and the Ghost-in-Law Series combine to bring you a rollicking round of holiday fun!

Rose Gardner and Neely Kate Colson are thrilled with Mason’s early present to Rose—a trip for the two of them to New Orleans for shopping, great food, and awesome seats to Wicked. Neely Kate plans to use the opportunity to visit a psychic and find out once and for all what her paranormal ability is. But when the psychic is murdered, and Neely Kate and Rose were the last people to see her alive, they find themselves the main suspects in a Christmas killing.

Taylor Beaumont has exhausted all resources in trying to figure out her new ghostly roommate, Helena. Seeing a psychic is the last resort. Taylor hoped for answers about Helena’s worldly existence but, instead, finds herself embroiled on the wrong side of a murder investigation. Seeing no other option, Taylor and Helena combine forces with Rose and Neely Kate to clear their names.

But can they solve the mystery in time to save Christmas?


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B&N coming soon!


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