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when camels fly



When archaeologist Grace Madison’s adult daughter is kidnapped in Israel, Grace knows she’ll have to break almost all Ten Commandments to bring her home alive.

Seconds after Grace shoots Maggie’s abductor, a handsome shepherd drops from the sky to kill a second assassin. The women’s world crumbles in two blinks of an eye.

Running for their lives, they quickly unearth a global evil poised to sacrifice millions. Their pursuit of justice plunges them into a vortex of intrigue and espionage, endangering friends and family while the world teeters toward disaster. As they crisscross the “cradle of civilization,” they unexpectedly extinguish old flames and ignite new loves.

How far will they have to go to save everyone and everything they hold dear? From the shadowy alleyways of old Jerusalem to a congested caravanserai in Jordan, and from elderly operatives hiding under Masada to youthful rescuers disguised as snake charmers in Jericho, the mother-daughter team soon realizes that nothing is as it seems. Even each other.

Because sometimes, doing what’s right is all that’s left.

When Camels Fly is book 1 in the Parched series. Book 2, The Brothers’ Keepers, continues the adventure.  Look for a review on book 2 in the next few days!


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The family that spies together stays together! This was an interesting concept about countries stealing water (in the middle east) and Maggie, in the course of her work, notices something isn’t right. This leads to her being kidnapped, saved by her mother, they are both kidnapped, husband and brother come rushing in along with a wide cast of characters.

The story was good but I felt like I needed a character guide to keep track of everyone. I think it wasn’t until about 2/3 of the way through I felt like I had a handle on all of the characters and who was trying to help and who was trying to steal the water. There were a lot of details, but perhaps too many?

The book spans about a week and it is very action packed, no down time for these characters.

We give this book 3 paws and I love that the author commented on my review on Goodreads…we communicated back and forth a few times and it is nice when authors listen to those that review their book.



About the Author

Winner of  ‘A People’s Chioce Award’ in fiction, NLB Horton returned to writing fiction after an award-winning career in journalism and marketing as well as earning her Masters of Biblical Studies degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. She has surveyed Israeli and Jordanian archaeological digs, tossed a tarantula from her skiff into the Amazon after training with an Incan shaman, driven uneventfully through Rome, and consumed gallons of afternoon tea while traveling across five continents.

Horton is a member of the venerable Explorers Club, based in New York City and founded in 1904 as an international multidisciplinary professional society of explorers and scientists. From her home in the Rocky Mountains, she writes, cross-country skis, gardens and researches ideas for her next novel. Horton’s first novel in the Parched series, When Camels Fly, was released in May 2014.  The Brothers’ Keepers is the second, with the third installment available in fall 2015.

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