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Title: LINES

Genre: Contemporary Young Adult

Release Date: January 20, 2015

ISBN: 9781310636943 | 9781310444067 | 9781311639011



Grace was only dating bad boy Danny Cross to get her father’s attention. Danny was only dating Grace to help his friend get revenge. But when Jessie, the new kid, comes to town and brings hidden secrets about Grace’s family with him, suddenly everyone’s plans turn upside down.

As secrets are brought to the surface, Grace finds herself sinking deeper into Danny’s world of drugs and partying, uncovering truths that could destroy them all.

Enter the world of high school, blackmail, racism, and drugs, a world where there is no escape from crossing the LINES.



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“Skipping class?” she asks as she finds her voice. It’s airy, cracky, like she is trying to summon the courage to be like Julie, crude and pissed off.

I give her my best fake nice guy smile, it can be convincing. “Not worth going if you’re not there.”

“You never go to class anyway,” she points out the obvious.

“Well,” I try to pull something out of my ass. “Today’s special, so I’m driving you to school.” Then I grab her hand, her porcelain skin so much cooler and more fragile than my own. I try to lead her toward my car when she plants her feet hard into the ground and pulls away, making me face her gold eyes again. Here we go, she’s gonna end it now, I think, as I paint on my face a look that says I have no idea what’s coming. This look is for Storm, but I think Grace knows perfectly well that I know this is a scam. Somehow, everyone is fooling everyone here.

“And why is today special?” Her face holds demands I don’t understand, testing me, like I should know something that no one has cued me in on. Why is it girls always expect men to magically read their thoughts and know the answers?

“Because, ah, today’s a good day apparently?” I’m losing my smoothness.

She glares at me with disappointment, like everyone has disappointed her except for moronic Julie. “Well Julie’s already here so … ” She says this like that’s all that matters, like it doesn’t matter that I’m here too.

“I’m sure Julie can figure out her way to school,” I remind her as if Julie’s five. Grace rolls her eyes crossly and starts turning around to go, just leaving me standing, dissed, in front of my best friend. Girls are cold. Then again, I deserve this, and I’m relieved that this hopefully spells out that we’re done, though I suppose I’ll miss several things about this jest.

Before she can leave my reach fully a noise comes. Her garage door opens and stops her as if it has the power to turn Grace into solid ice. Or maybe that’s her pop’s power. He comes out of the garage fast, briefcase in hand, not even looking my or his daughter’s way. He uses his remote to pop open his Mercedes as he screams into his phone. “I told you to hold that patient until I get there. Don’t do a thing!”

And then abruptly Grace suddenly turns fast toward me. What the … I feel her cool fragile skin get dangerously close to mine as she takes ahold of my arms. They come right around my neck as I feel her perfect body press right into mine. Then she kisses me. Grace’s whiplash really shouldn’t have shocked me anymore.

I know right away she’s only doing this, kissing me, to make her father mad. I take full advantage, kissing her back and pulling her further to me as I wrap my own arms around her, tasting her as the light perfume she has on drives me crazy. Yes, I know, I’m a messed up individual. She fills my head as I feel her tremble and kisses me harder. She’s the gem I’ll never be able to afford but I get to touch right now. How the hell can I really resist when she suddenly just kisses me like this?

Sounds of her dad leaving, and Julie yelling, finally make her lips slow, then they stop. As she pulls away and our eyes meet, our reality crashes back, yet we both totally want to keep going. How far would she really be willing to go?

“Grace! We are going to be late!” Julie is screaming. She’s been yakking for a while now. “And I’m going to throw up!” Her voice is like that of an angry hag, mad someone was stealing her plaything. Grace pulls completely away from me, steps back, and any look or want between us is gone.

“I can’t ride with you. You should have called and let me know you’d be here.”

“Come on,” I try to protest. Am I glad she is leaving or do I want to grab her and kiss her again, maybe up against Julie’s car to really piss the man hater off?

I hear Storm sneer and I suddenly want her to go, get away from him and away from me, as I keep my face the same, shaking my head at her for guilt, but also backing off.

“Why don’t you just drive me home,” she offers. “If I go with you now she’ll kill me. After school we can finally … talk.” Talk as in not make out, talk as in tell me to take a hike. Fine, after school it is. With that, she turns and is gone.

Julie makes sure to give Storm and me extra dirty looks before taking off with my “girlfriend.” She is in such a hurry she almost brakes the speed limit to get Grace away from me. Almost, but not quite.

I hear Storm laugh.“Pick me up, do my laundry,” he mocks me. “Yeah, you’ve really got this one, Danny.”

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About the Author

Ashley C Harris.1000pxAuthor and film director Ashley C. Harris resides in Florida. Ashley was first recognized for her edgy writing and unique film work when she wrote and directed the teenage film Lines. Lines was the first feature film in the world captured using only Mac Laptops..

In 2013 Ashley teamed up with Barclay Publicity to release the first title in a new young adult series Shock Me. Ashley then went on to release the first of a new NA series, One Night In Heated Snapshots, that quickly reached Amazon’s Best Selling top ten list for sports romances.

When she is not dreaming up new books and working on film sets, she loves to spend time with her friends and family.

Keep a close watch for Ashley’s newest young adult books releases!

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