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Nature’s Confession

by J.L. Morin

Release Date: January 8, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9895960-7-7
Trade paperback and eBook formats, illustrated
298 pages, $19.95
Audience: YA/adult, diverse, ‘cli-fi’ romance
Harvard Square Editions
Voted ‘The Top Book of 2014’, Marinovich Books
LitPick 5-Star Review Award winner


When a smart-mouthed, light skinned teen wonders why the work that needs to be done pays so much less than the busywork that’s glorified on holovision news, the search for answers takes him on the wildest journey of anyone’s lifetime. With the girl of his dreams, he inadvertently invents living computers. Just as the human race allows corporations to pollute Earth into total desolation, institute martial law and enslave humanity, the two teens in interracial love set out to save civilization. Can they thwart polluters of Earth and other fertile worlds? The heroes come into their own in different kinds of relationships. Along the way, they enlist the help of female droid Any Gynoid, who uncovers cutting-edge scientific mysteries as their quest takes them through the Big Bang and back. Will Starliament tear them from the project and unleash ‘intelligent’ life’s habitual pollution, or will youth lead the way to a new way of coexisting with Nature?

With illustrations throughout and topics for discussion at the back of the book, JL Morin deftly raises questions about busywork, economic incentives to pollute, sustainable energy, exploitation, cyborgs, the
sanctity of Nature, and many kinds of relationships. With skill and expertise, she creates memorable characters whose struggles could be our own. This fast-paced novel will keep you turning pages until the end.


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Praise for Nature’s Confession

“A classic” — Fjords Review

“Adventure, satire, dystopia, all in one well-written speculative-fiction package.”  —5-heart review, Foreword Reviews

“The readers are called to think critically about their own lives, and their own role in enabling the greed of the human race. The author’s ability to combine intense social commentary with a genuinely enjoyable
reading experience is impressive…. Fans of science fiction and dystopian novels will love Nature’s Confession, and I would recommend the book to teens and young adults interested in a fun, thoughtprovoking
read.” —5 Star Review Award Winner, LitPick, VBat

“Such an evocative book” —, Nature’s Confession came in 6th in “12 Works of Climate Fiction Everyone Should Read”

“Morin’s novel is the literary embodiment of a distinctly different way of perceiving, and one that will no doubt work its aesthetic, as well as political ‘magic’ on everyone who reads it…. This book should be prescribed to every student and school-going child on the planet.” —Mail & Guardian, Thought Leader, Dr. Bert Olivier

“ . . . I have to say it’s one of the best books I have ever read.” —I Love Books video reviews

“It was incredibly tough to come up with a favourite, but in the end, I chose on JL Morin’s, Nature’s Confession. It’s a zany, fantastical read and a product of a clearly whimsical mind. This book, however, covers some serious and important topics that are affecting the planet we live on, so very relevant. It reminded me a little of ‘Star Trek’, infused with The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and a little Dr Who thrown in the wonderful mix.” —Voted Top Book of 2014, Marinovich

“As she continues to craft creative stories that are based on prominent issues, Morin is proving herself to be one of the most interesting storytellers for teens.” —Teenreads

“What I enjoyed the most was the author’s ability to combine serious concerns about the environment on Earth, with a sense of humor, at times almost a double-take slapstick, and obviously her wish the polluters on earth, and the policy-makers who foster those polluters could be slapped upside of the head with a dose of reality. Instead, she gives us sublime comedy, which is much better than being preached to, or crying that the sky is falling. Although, I bet she could write a pretty good version of the Sky Is Falling.” —Midwest Book Review

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About the Author

JL Morin grew up in inner city Detroit and wrote her Japan novel, Sazzae (Gold medalist in the 2010 eLit Book Award, and 2010 Living Now Book Awards winner) as her thesis at Harvard. Adjunct faculty at Boston University, J. L. Morin is also the author of ‘Occupy’s 1st bestselling novel’ Trading Dreams. She writes for the Huffington Post, Library Journal, and has written for The Harvard Advocate, Harvard Yisei, the Detroit News, Agence France Presse, Cyprus Weekly, European Daily, Livonia Observer Eccentric Newspapers, the Harvard Crimson and others.

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