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Today I’m reviewing a book that was written by my husband’s cousin, Adam York.  Adam is a great guy and this line of children’s books encourages readers to think about stewardship and giving back to society and their community.

So with no further ado, Meet Penny Nickels!

meet penny nickels


The Adventures of Penny Nickels takes children on a unique journey in learning what it means to live life as a steward—someone who takes special care of the things in life that God has entrusted to us. Through a series of personal encounters, Penny Nickels, a copper-haired girl, and her pet chihuahua, Dinero, will help uncover the real joy in giving, serving, and ultimately changing the world. The series takes place in the diverse, make-believe town of Stewardville, where sacrificial living is of utmost importance. Along the way, characters such as Pastor Hanson Feat, schoolmate Robin Tyme, neighbor Cash Pyle, missionaries Gib & Bea Moore, philanthropist Dolly Bealz, singer and poet Minnie Tallents, and conservationist Eartha Green will help Penny Nickels explore and understand how being a good steward can help make the world a better place for all.


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This is a great book for kids to teach them about giving back to their community and church. It depicts a family that is strong in their faith and that they need to help the less fortunate and that it doesn’t take much to change the world. It could be as simple as donating unwanted toys, clothes, etc or helping out in a soup kitchen. The family is very tied into serving others.  With the state of the world, this book couldn’t be more timely in encouraging children to look beyond their computer and toys and at what others are not as fortunate to have around them while growing up.

This is going to be a series and I look forward to seeing what else Penny Nickels is up to along with her dog Dinero.

We give this 5 paws up


About the Author

As a minister, writer, and curriculum editor for kids, teens, and young adults, Adam D. York developed a passion for helping individuals learn about the importance of stewardship—managing our time, talents, and resources in God-honoring ways. A native of rural Jamestown, Tennessee, Adam learned firsthand about sacrificial living and hopes to help children and parents discover ways to use their God-given talents, skills, and passions to make a difference in the world.

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