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Mystery Monday is back! At least this week. Am working on getting it back into the rotation and sharing mysteries for all my mystery lovin’ fans!

deadly deed


Mira Stanley has come to Cape San Blas, Florida for one reason—to save Claire Peterson, her boss’s aunt, from being swindled and losing her home. She realizes it will be a challenge to defeat Bradley Lane, the unscrupulous land developer, even with her accomplished skills as a lawyer. However, another element adds itself to the equation when Mira meets the attractive Sean Thorndale. The chemistry between them leaves Mira confused and frightened.

Sean Thorndale has always been confident and driven with one personal agenda. And it promises to be dangerous. Even if he must deceive others by following Bradley Lane’s orders, he’ll do it to get justice for someone close to him. At least that’s how he feels until he meets Mira Stanley. The attraction builds. Is the danger to Sean worth the risk to their relationship?


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This mystery/suspense book will lead you down many paths but they all end up in the same place.

Mira is an attorney helping out a partner’s relative from losing her house. Claire is that relative and she talks to her dead husband. Sean is a wild card and it is hard to know at first whose side he is on. Then there are your resident bad guys and an unknown in Quinn – who has his own story.

This book kept me hopping from one storyline to another, and while some intersected there was always a twist around the corner. The book is very fast paced (perhaps even too fast?) but kept my interest until the last page. While many of the bad guys are obvious, catching them in the act was hard to do for Mira and others.

Definite worth reading and we give it 4 paws up!


About the Author

My passion is writing mysteries, creating the intricate details and weaving them together into the clues which the reader will enjoy collecting to solve the crime. My favorite subgenres would be — romantic suspense, cozy and paranormal mystery. WHIPS, CUFFS, AND LITTLE BROWN BOXES is a cozy and first in the Lilly M Mystery Series. Please don’t let the title fool you 🙂 The second in this series is titled GANGS, ILLEGALS, AND A ROSE TATTOO,and the third is DEVILISH, DEVIOUS, AND DEADLY WITH ONE BITE.

Other works which are stand-alone titles include DYING TO DREAM, a paranormal mystery set in Louisiana, and A DEADLY DEED GROWS, a romantic suspense set along the Florida Panhandle.
Like many authors I have more than one personality. My alter ego is K. Sean Jennkrist (my weird imagination to combine my three children’s names. As Jennkrist I create young adult stories. I’m a teacher by day. I spend a great deal of time around teenagers, listening to their problems comes with the job. So, lots of what I have to write comes from this. CINDERELLA GEEK, NOT SO SNOW WHITE and ALICE IN REALITYLAND are part of a modern fairytale series addressing teen issues such as bullying.

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