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What if Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland had taken place in New York City? Alice in Manhattan juxtaposes over 60 stunning, black and white photographs with selected prose from Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic and offers a unique exploration for New Yorkers, Lewis Carroll enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a new glimpse at Wonderland.

The photographs transport readers beyond the familiar tourist destinations and into the remote recesses of a complex city. While some photos capture direct Alice references, such as the Alice in Wonderland sculptures in Central Park or the Queen of Hearts mosaic in the 50th Street and Broadway subway station, other photographs take a metaphorical approach.  For example, when the Lory states “I am older and must know better,” we see a father teaching his son how to fish on the bank of Central Park North. When the Queen’s soldiers double up and bend into the arches for the croquet game, we see a Union Square street performer who is bent over backward with his hands on the ground and his feet still midair.

The book’s appendix contains a full listing of each photograph’s location.

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ALICE IN MANHATTAN from Dan Hirshon on Vimeo.

Duchess Croquet


If you like the story Alice in Wonderland and creative photography, this will probably be a book you will like!  The photos are amazing and capture Lewis Carroll’s story quite well…and all in New York.  I’m glad that the author shared some of the photos with me so that I could share them with you because I think one look at these photos and you will see it is a book you need to purchase and share with friends and family.

We are giving this book 5 paws up…and it doesn’t hurt that there is a dog in there for April & Gracie!


Somthing in the Pool

About the Photographer

The son of a Lewis Carroll scholar and collector as well as amateur travel photographer, Dan Hirshon grew up surrounded by bookshelves of Alice in Wonderland adaptations and artwork and walls of photographs taken around the world. In 2007 he ventured down the rabbit hole into the real life wonderland of New York City where he now works as a filmmaker and photographer.

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