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A Problematic Love

Author: Rebecca Rohman

Release Date: February 23rd, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

Pages/Words: 507/ 137,000

Format: Ebook & Paperback


Eight years after her fiancé was murdered, attorney Megan Kole has fully reconciled two areas of her life: her intelligent son, who never knew his father, and the thriving law practice that is her late father’s legacy. The remainder of Megan’s world stalled in a paralyzing grief that she effectively compartmentalized until a transfer to Seattle brings a handsome, mysterious billionaire into her life.

Daemon Ros has been an outcast since the day he was born. His parents’ lavish but emotionally-vacant lifestyle prompted him to assert his financial independence at a young age. His ailing brother is the only connection he allows to penetrate the vault he has built around his heart, until a devoted mom and her precocious son introduce him to the true meaning of family bonds.

But a chance legal encounter where Megan acts as mediator in a Ros family business dispute leads to far more than either expected. When a shocking truth leads to a love affair between Megan and Daemon that is forbidden in every conceivable way, the barely-restrained chemistry that scorches between them threatens an injunction on everything and everyone they hold dear. As pasts cross, memories threaten, and lies surface in a trial far more deadly than anything inside a courtroom, an arbitration of the heart could prove the only way for them both to make it out alive.


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The following evening, I slip into a dress with a plunging neckline, but I have second thoughts and change into a loose-sheath mini dress instead. I’m not sure how I feel about Chase all these years later. So much has changed in my life since college. I don’t want to convey the wrong impression by wearing an overtly sexy outfit.

I pull into the porte cochère of a restaurant named Canlis. The valet welcomes me and takes my keys. Through the trees, Emerald City’s lights reflect against the water. The building is contemporary with lots of glass, and I already know the views will be superb.

Beyond the glass doors to the building, Chase waits, smiling. I may not have been on the dating scene for the last eight years, but I can tell by the look of this place that he’s trying to impress me. It reeks of money—the type of place that would be reserved for a proposal or an extremely special occasion. If this is what he has planned for the first date and there will be a second it makes me wonder what’s next.

Moments later, we’re seated in this cubed jewel of a place, surrounded by glass windows.

“This is spectacular. Thanks for inviting me.”

“I thought you’d like it. The owners are our clients. They were booked tonight, but thanks to them, I get to come whenever I want.”

And here I was thinking I was so special.

“Nice. Lucky you. So you bring all your women up here?”

He nearly chokes on his wine. “All these years and you haven’t changed. Still as feisty as ever.”

“Have you transferred your college tendencies to the firm, Mr. Hot-Man-on-Campus?”

“You remember that?”

“How could I forget? At one point, you had dated every single girl in our Global Studies class.”

“Except you.”

“Looking to add me to your score card?”

A nervous stutter leaves his lips. “You’re not going to go easy on me at all tonight are you?”

“Should I? You’ve brought me to this beautiful place. We know each other fairly well. Why don’t we just skip through all this mellifluous crap and get straight to your intentions.”

“Spoken like a true lawyer.”

“No. Spoken like a mother.”

“I assure you my intentions are hon—”

A woman wearing a skimpy black dress interrupts us at that moment, “Chase, nice to see you so soon. Still on for Valentine’s day?”

I glare at him. You were about to tell me something about honorable intentions? Valentine’s Day is a few days away.

He looks at me, completely flushed.

She leaves, scrutinizing me with a provocative stare.

“Look Chase, I know by now you’ve gone and looked me up, and found out all you can about me. Therefore, I know that you know what the last few years of my life has been like. So if you want to do this, realize that I’m a mom. While, for you, the days of being a playboy are still very much alive, it’s not for me. I have a son, and I’m a responsible mother. Let’s enjoy the rest of tonight and reminisce as old friends.”


Guest Post

I’ve often been asked what inspires me when I write my books or is there a specific author that inspires my writing, and the short answer to that is no.

Sometimes, the inspiration comes from something I see in the news, or a documentary I’ve watched. I’m writing my 5th novel now, and I still hear my editor/mentor in my head saying Conflict! Conflict! Conflict! So if I see something in the news I twist it in my head to… I wonder what would happen if… a D.A. fell for the murder suspect that he’ll be taking to trial. Love, Lies & The D.A. came out of that thought.

Sometimes an idea will be triggered from one book, and I will put it aside for my next. That was the case while writing my second book Love, Lies & The D.A. The relationship my heroine Jada McLean shared with her brother Bobby was so close, one of those what if scenarios popped up in my head and so Love M.D. was born—Imagine if a woman fell in love with the doctor she thought was responsible for her brother’s…

When my editor then (now editor/mentor) read the very first draft of my very first book ever, Uncorked she told me that as it stood, it lacked conflict. Meaning—the battles we or our characters have within ourselves (inner conflict) and the outside forces that create conflict in our world (outer conflict).

Another way she put it was: What is the one reason in the world that these two characters should never fall in love?  Or why should these two characters not be together? Once I have that answer, I have my next book and it’s crazy, but when I start the book, I never know how the problems will work themselves out.

Since then whenever I start a book, all I know is the major conflict in a book, and it can usually be summed up in one of those imagine if or I wonder what situations.

In my most recent release, A Problematic Love many of my readers fell in love with two of the characters from my previous book and I got tons of Facebook messages from them literally begging for their story.

The only problem was one of the characters they wanted to know about was dead, and I am not a paranormal romance author so he was out. The other problem was because they knew the outcome of their story from my previous book, there would be no real suspense.

But, I wanted to make my fans happy, while still making sure I could answer the question what is the one reason in the world that these two characters should never fall in love. And that novel A Problematic Love was born and it gave me all sorts of problems and conflicts in many ways.

Unfortunately I can’t share more, the blurb was the hardest to write without giving the juicy details away but let’s just say, this relationship was soooo problematic I had the think long and hard about how to sort their conflicts out.

So, what inspires Rebecca Rohman when she writes? In a word—conflict! The harder the problem in the hero and heroine’s relationship the more fascinated I am to answer wrapped up in a steamy romance within the pages of my books.






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About Rebecca Rohman

Rebecca Rohman is a wife and designer currently living in the northeastern United States. She was a sales manager for a tourist magazine, and for many years prior, she was involved in marketing for a jewelry company and fine wine distributor.

About fifteen years ago, she started writing her first romance novel purely to entertain herself. In early 2012, she decided to complete and release it. Since then, she has released three additional novels. A Problematic Love is her fourth release.

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