Posted in 5 paws, Children, Review on May 15, 2016

I attended the Book Expo America this past week in Chicago.  I picked up a lot of children’s books for my great-niece to help build her library.  I thought before sending them along to her I would review the books here.

The first book is called Fuchsia Fierce and is written by author Christianne Jones and illustrated by Kelly Canby.  This book is due out in September, but never fear because you can pre-order it on Amazon now!

fuchsia fierce


Fuchsia Fierce is a bold name for a bold girl, but she wasn’t always so brave.Thanks to her parents, her camp counselor, and her friends, Fuchsia finally learns how to live up to hername.This vibrant picture book will teach every reader the importance of self confidence: a priceless lesson.



This is a great story to teach children that it is ok to be afraid to try new things but if they will summon up the courage then they will find that new experiences are not so scary. I love the main character, Fuchsia Fierce, she is what I imagine many children feel like when faced with something out of their comfort zone.

This book is for kids ages 4-8, but the message is for a child of any age!

We give this book 5 paws up.