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Good Night Chicago makes it a joy for adults to share their passion for this great American city with the children they love, and who will undoubtedly come to cherish Chicago too. This board book delights in the many kid-friendly institutions and places that help make Chicago one of the world’s great cities. In keeping with the Good Night Our World series, readers pass through both a day and a year while rhythmically saluting special aspects of the place. “Good morning, Lake Michigan and Lighthouse.” “Good evening, blues and jazz musicians.” “Good night, planetarium.” “Good night, Chicagoans.”


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I picked up this board book at BEA thanks to Good Night Books.  Since we were in Chicago it seemed appropriate to get this one tied to that city.  For someone that is traveling to Chicago (or any city if you pick up one of the other books) it is a great introduction into some of the things that you might see and do on that trip with a young one.  The illustrations are colorful and engaging and help share what the child will see when in this city.

I like for the sports teams where it is generic wording but the illustration depicts all of the major sports teams in Chicago.

The book takes the reader from morning until night and wishes each spot either good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night.

There is a whole series of these books for states, major cities and even some that are tied to Mom, Dad, Baby Brother or Sister and even toys and such.  They even have the books written in other languages and have international themes.

We give this 5 paws up!


About Good Night Books

The Good Night Books Series of board books has been designed and developed since 2005 to celebrate special places and themes in a way that young children, ages 0-5, can easily relate to and enjoy with their families. All the books are written and illustrated with a simplicity that captures the “essence” of each subject and place.

Every book is printed in bright colors on high-quality board to endure the attention of young children. All have six-inch by six-inch pages, making for large 12 x 6 open page spreads.

Each title takes its readers through the passage of a day (“good morning,” “good afternoon,” “good evening,” and “good night”). And most titles, if set in a place with seasonality, also include the seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter). Children are further introduced to the practice of using polite salutations and greetings, all while being lulled to a good night’s sleep.

The series is, in part, inspired by Walt Whitman’s poems, such as the classic book Leaves of Grass and the famous poem “Song of Myself,” in which the poet catalogs item after item, in a process whereby the mere naming of each item draws attention to it and thus imbues it with a sense of import. The Good Night Our World Series tries to recognize and celebrate the world in a Whitmanesque spirit.

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