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Sometimes, you have to leave your comfort zone.

Iggy’s long time home, Crystal Cove, becomes polluted. So, Iggy and a few of his friends set out to find a clean place to live. This proves to be more challenging than they expected.

Iggy and his friends must work together to solve problems, deal with disappointment, and stay strong when things get tough.

For parents and educators: Recent research shows introverted children are often underrepresented in today’s social sphere. This book gives them a character they can relate to, while also helping introverted and extroverted children understand the differences between the two personality types.


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I learned about this book at BEA and picked up this copy of the series because I thought it would be great for a young child should they move around a lot, how to make friends and to never give up. I like the underlying message about pollution and what we are doing to our eco-system by throwing things into the water and how it ruins things for the life within the waters.

The illustrations are beautiful and reflect the story and the message being sent.

We give it 5 paws up