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Delbert: The Reluctant Spy (book #1) by Marko Kitti

Age: 8+
Publication date: 28th May 2016

Ten-year-old Delbert’s world is grey and glum since his grandfather died. Everything is a dull routine, and all Delbert wants to do is stay in his room. What’s more, he has to cope with an annoying next-door neighbour, Evie, who has committed her life to being in love with him.

But Delbert’s whole life is about to change when he is forced into a SUPER SECRET SPY MISSION to find a missing cat called Pandora. What seems like a straightforward job suddenly escalates into the stuff of real spy stories

Bursting with humour and thrilling surprises, this fast-paced, action-packed story takes Delbert and Evie on a wild ride with an UTTERLY SHOCKING SECRET at the end…

The Delbert series follows ten-year-old Delbert’s adventures as he trains to be an International Secret Agent. Together with his annoying sidekick Evie, Delbert investigates some truly incredible mysteries all around the world. The series comes with a bunch of whimsical illustrations, and is perfect for both avid and reluctant readers, boys and girls alike.


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Delbert grabbed his phone and sneaked downstairs. He slipped his feet into his sneakers and silently opened the front door – and that’s when everything started to spin out of control. This was a moment he would later describe as ‘being in the wrong place at the wrong time’.

Delbert jumped in surprise as he saw Sam’s girlfriend standing behind the door.

“Oh, hi Manisha!” he said.

“Close the door!” hissed Manisha.

Delbert was taken aback by her tone. He closed the door behind him and looked at the girl.

Manisha was fifteen. She had long black hair and a pair of big brown eyes. She and Sam had been going out for ages, almost three weeks.

“I need your help,” whispered Manisha.

“But aren’t you going in to see Sam?” asked Delbert.

“No,” she said, glancing around her as if she were afraid someone was spying on her. “I need your help.”

With that she grabbed Delbert by his hand and started dragging him down the street. At that moment Delbert’s next-door neighbour, Evie, appeared from nowhere.

“Awwww!” she cooed, a menacing grin spreading across her face.

Evie was in Delbert’s class. She was a girl who had committed her life to being in love with him!


“Dee’s found a girlfriend, Dee’s found a girlfriend!” she sang as Delbert and Manisha rushed past her, hand in hand. Evie looked cheerful on the outside, but on the inside she was insanely jealous.

Delbert didn’t hear Evie’s jeers. He could hardly hear his own thoughts. For the first time in months he’d left his room and THIS happens – getting kidnapped by his big brother’s crazy girlfriend!

About the Author

Marko Kitti is an internationally published children’s book author and illustrator. He is best known for his humorous children’s book series, Jesper Jinx.

Jesper Jinx, who first appeared in 2014, is beloved by children all over the world, since books with his wonderfully wicked adventures are already published in several languages.

Marko has written novels and short stories too, and his Finnish novel Meidän maailma (Our World) was shortlisted for the Runeberg Prize in 2009. Marko is a proud member of The Union of Finnish Writers.

Born and raised in Finland, he now lives in Eastbourne, England, with his wife and stepdaughter and their two mischievous cats.


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