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Beyond Dead: A Bridget Sway Novel
Paranormal Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Print Length: 306 pages
Publication Date: March 5, 2016


Dead less than twenty-four hours, with a job that doesn’t pay, a fashion disaster for a uniform and more afterlife rules than she can shake a stick at, Bridget Sway thinks it’s as bad as it can get. And then she finds a dead ghost stuffed in her locker.

Since the police are desperate to arrest her for murder, Bridget’s new best friend convinces her the only way to save herself from an eternity in prison is to solve the murder themselves.

With a handsome parole officer watching her every move, an outlaw ghost befriending her and two persistent mediums demanding her attention, solving the murder is not quite as easy as it sounds. And when “murder” turns into “murders” Bridget needs to solve the case … before she becomes the next dead body stuffed in her locker.


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Character Guest Post

Hi, my name’s Bridget Sway. Since there’s a pretty good chance you could win a copy of the story of my afterlife if you pop your email in that cool little counter-thing below, I wanted to drop by and tell you why you should enter. Let me begin by introducing myself properly. As I said, my name is Bridget and I’m dead. Yes. Dead. Now, whose fault this is depends on what day you catch me on. I was fired from my job as an event planner, went home early and caught my fiancé in bed with a trollop from his work. It was a very Sliding Doors moment … except I have better hair than Gwyneth Paltrow and I didn’t miss a train I got hit by a bus … which killed me.

There are some days I blame the ex-fiance. If he hadn’t been diddling The Trollop then I’d never have left the house again and wouldn’t have been run over. Which means he gets a little bit of the blame, don’t you think? I also blame my boss for firing me because I was awesome at my job. Like, astoundingly amazing at it. And if he hadn’t fired me then I wouldn’t have had to leave early and wouldn’t have found the ex-finace diddling The Trollop so I think that’s fair that he gets some of the blame too. And then there’s the MOB. The mother-of-the-bride. The real reason I had to go home early. The reason I was fired.

Now, in my career, I’ve had some very dicey moments, some decidedly unpleasant moments and then some if-you-continue-to-speak-to-me-I’m-going-to-have-to-punch-you-in-the-face moments. Like when the best man, or should I say “best man”, at a stag do said I should step in because the stripper was late. He quietened briefly when she showed up but they were so grabby she couldn’t even make it to the dressing room so I sent her home (paid, obviously). He said that, as the planner of the event, it was my duty to cover. I politely explained that wasn’t in my job description and had a dominatrix stripper there within less than half an hour. She kept them in line, no bother. And they all seemed pretty happy about it too. Score one for me.

Or the time a maid of honour had missed her last two dress fittings because she wanted to surprise everyone by how much weight she’d lost and showed up three dress sizes smaller than her last fitting. Everyone turned to stare at me as if it was my fault. But if someone doesn’t want to get to a fitting, short of dragging her there by her hair, what could I do? I took it on the chin though and some staples and duct tape later everything was fine. The inside of the dress wasn’t pretty, and I’m damn sure it wasn’t comfortable, but it fitted her and looked great in the photos. Score another one for me.

I’m telling you this so you can see that if there’s a problem I just deal with it. That’s part of my job. If there’s a problem. So, when a certain MOB was screeching in panic because the “torrential rain” was going to ruin her little girl’s big day I dealt with it. I pointed out that the rain was so light it was barely visible, that the dark clouds were swiftly passing over, that the ground wouldn’t even be wet by the time we were due to leave and that it wasn’t even an outside wedding anyway. For making these valid points in a calm and rational fashion, can you guess what she did? She slapped me. Slapped. Me. Now, I’m a civilised person and I don’t believe violence solves anything, per se, but my daddy taught me that if someone hits you then you hit them back twice as hard and they don’t do it again. True, he was talking about bullies in the school playground but I think the premise still holds true for adult life. So I slapped her back. Really hard. Was it the most professional response? No. But it did make me feel better … until I got fired. And that was as bad as I thought it could get. And then I died and realised just how wrong I was.

If you’re interested in hearing just how bad it got then enter the competition to win a copy of Beyond Dead which will tell you all about it. Or you could sign up directly for Jordaina’s mailing list and download the free novella that tells you all about my first few days dead. Either way, just don’t go around slapping people (even if they totally deserve it) anyone or you could end up like me! So long for now.

About the Author

Jordaina Sydney RobinsonJordaina Sydney Robinson grew up and, despite many adventures further afield, still lives in the North West of England. For fun she buys notebooks, gets walked by her husky puppy and sings really loudly and really badly while driving her trusty old Seat, Roger. If you want to find out just how bad her singing is then you can visit her official website and ask her.

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