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Radar Road: the Best of On Impulse highlights an exploration of twenty-first century narrative. In four collections that move from raw to refined, the On Impulse series invites the reader to contemplate how we use language now: online, in full-length books, and with each other. Morgan Kiger arranged this fifth collection to stand on its own while showcasing the series’s original trajectory from catharsis to craft.


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Excerpt from “Rogues”

She was immediately on the offensive. “What do you know?” But he didn’t need a defense. He shook his head slowly, drew her down easily, disarmed the moment that had flared accidentally in a misunderstanding. Kris realized he didn’t know anything about Regina’s threat. He whispered, “I know enough.” Kris leaned closer to him and then pulled back a bit, enough that they wouldn’t get too hot sticking together, enough so that no one would give them a hard time about being together. She said, “Good. I thought you probably did.” People left Melanie and Jason alone but they’d been together forever. Everyone accepted it. As much as Regina had pressured Kris to make some declaration to Kyle, she would be the first one to call them out about getting physical on the bus. So Kris left just enough space between them that everything could touch if either of them wanted it to. And for the moment, she didn’t. She just wanted them to share the privacy of the seat.

She added, “I do though, like you.” He said nothing, seeming a little stunned.

She was irritated at taking the risk when he didn’t have to.

He recovered quickly, knowing exactly what she needed somehow. He kneed the seat in front of them to get a rise out of Regina. She twisted around, saw them in their newfound togetherness, said, “Good. About time,” and then turned right back to her absorbing chatter, leaving them to their inescapable discovery of each other.

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nathjonesauthorBest New American Voices nominee Nath Jones received an MFA in creative writing from Northwestern University. Her publishing credits include PANK Magazine, There Are No Rules, and Sailing World. She lives and writes in Chicago.

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