So for challenges this year it is going to be a repeat of last year because they are challenges I know I can complete!

My Goodreads challenge is 150 books this year.  Last year I read 198 (thank you authors of children’s books!)

**I read 160 books in 2017, I ended up reducing my goal from 180 to 150 because of life**


I think I will do the Alphabet challenge again, that one isn’t too hard and I have my Q book already read for this year.

Click on the image above if you want to join the Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge!  I will be keeping track of my books on Goodreads

I am also participating in the Cozy Challenge. I read lots of cozies so this is a no brainer!  If you want to participate, click on the image above and fill out the form.

These are the levels, I will go for Ravenous since that is what I read last year and I do like a variety of genres.

**Surprisingly I only read 46 cozies this year.  Very shocking, truly thought I had read more than that!  Here are the cozies that I read in 2017.**

  • Peckish – 1 – 10 Cozy Mysteries
  • Famished – 11 – 20 Cozy Mysteries
  • Yearning – 21 – 40 Cozy Mysteries
  • Starving  – 41 – 60 Cozy Mysteries
  • Ravenous – 61 – 80 Cozy Mysteries
  • Voracious – 81 – 100 Cozy Mysteries 
  • Completely Satiated – 101 or more