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DRS Publishing LLC; 1 edition

Paperback: 346 pages

September 7, 2017, $14.99

Genre: Paranormal Thriller


In the spring of 1867, at a makeshift graveyard in Mississippi, a work crew begins the somber task of unearthing the remains of Civil War soldiers. Found in the skeletal hand of one unidentified soldier is a US belt buckle. Believed to be a Union soldier, he is laid to rest in a Federal cemetery and honored with a Memorial Star Marker mounted on a pole at his gravesite. THE MARKER disappears from the cemetery in 1952 and remains hidden for over 64 years. When found, it becomes a conduit between its current owner and the Unknown Soldier, who pleads that his story be told. The result of this supernatural encounter reveals a history of envy, hate, and murder. These revelations bring everyone connected to THE MARKER into great peril.


If you like genealogy, history and mystery you might just like this book!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this book, but once the grave marker is discovered I felt like the story really took off. Jennifer Beasley is a reporter, so who better to ferret out the history of the marker. It had been stolen from a cemetery in 1952 and was languishing in a drawer in a tiny shop that was going out of business. The marker intrigues Jennifer and she takes vacation time to find out the history of the marker, which turns into a search for who the unknown soldier is buried in that grave. To help her on that journey is the spirit of the soldier, Dr Bradley Taylor. She encounters some resistance and disbelief, but she also finds those willing to help her.

I marveled that the small hometown of Dr Taylor had one family that had kept meticulous records and items of the citizens of that town. That was a huge boon to Jennifer in unraveling the mystery behind what happened to the family and the doctor during the Civil War.

And what would this book be without a romance. There is Jake, a photographer at the magazine where Jennifer works, but I don’t think she feels like he is her soul mate. Then she meets a descendant of Dr Taylor and it is like kismet. Would he feel the same?

I enjoyed the history and what goes into genealogical research and how complicated it can become especially if you do not have a lot of facts to start a search or if there are many unknowns. There is even a little danger for Jennifer while she is seeking the truth about what happened to Dr Taylor and his family.

My only negative is that at times the conversations/writing seems stilted. I still really enjoyed the plot of the book and how it was laid out.

We give it 4 paws up.

About the Author

Diana began her writing career as a columnist and feature writer. She later became a food journalist and editor. In 1992, she established her own company, publishing two print magazines (The COLLECTOR Newsmagazine and Gourmet Fare). In addition, Diana was the creator and host of Cooking with Grandma. Her first book, ON THE BREATH OF ANGELS, was released in April 2008. WINDS OF POOD series (Under the Puddle and In the Blizzard) are her first middle-grade novels, followed by The Upside Down Inside Out Life of Maureen Kiernan (Book 1: The Magic Cello), The Princess Who Loved to Swim, and THE MARKER. Diana is a member of the Authors Guild and SCBWI. When she’s not roaming around Gardone Riviera (Lake Garda, Italy), she can be found in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, Anthony.

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