My name is Leslie and I am a book junkie!  I love to read and will read nearly anything.  My favorite genres are cozies, romance, chick lit, mystery/thrillers….ok, nearly everything except horror.  Stephen King scares me.  I read Pet Cemetary in college and couldn’t sleep for a week.  I can watch the movies (if I choose) but my imagination is much too vivid.  This is also why I rarely like to see a movie made from a book.  Too often I have a difference scene in mind or how a character should look.  And let’s not even talk about when they stray widely from the novel.  The Firm by John Grishman is the biggest waste of money of a book made into a film.  Minor liberties are one thing but to change the ending?  Not a way to endear fans.

I’d like to blame my love of reading on my parents.  It started with Little House on the Prairie and Nancy Drew and spun out of control from there.  I do have a few favorite authors that I keep their books, but most of the time I pass along great books to other readers so that they may enjoy the books too.

I will review books for anyone that asks (see review tab) or I will review the books I read for pleasure.  If you send me a copy of your book I will give it away on my blog and introduce your books to another bibliophile.  I do have a Kindle and can review Mobi or PDF files, but obviously cannot give those away!  (I prefer the books that I can read on my Kindle, just FYI)

I also belong to several bookswap sites, namely and BookMooch.  I also like Goodreads to keep track of what I have read and what I have to read in my mountain of books!  I also like FictFact to keep track of where I am in various series since I believe they should be read in order to truly enjoy the books.

You can now even find me on Facebook and Twitter!