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On a website I belong to ( they were asking for 10 volunteers for a challenge.  The challenge is for 2 weeks to buy only items made or produced in the USA.  Sounds easy right?  Wrong!  Looking at the items on my counter to make a salad last night, only the spinach was grown in the USA.  The rest was imported from Mexico.  This could hamper our eating once I start the challenge.

This was brought on by a book called Buying America Back: A Real-Deal blueprint for Restroing American Prosperity by author Alan Uke.  Alan is a San Diego businessman, entrepreneur and community leader and has provided hundreds of jobs and revenues fo rthe San Diego area for over 40 years.  He is also the architect of the federal Automobile Smog Index. (did you even know there was such a thing?!)

 This is not a long book at all.  The actual book is 81 pages and then the rest of the book is references and other supporting documentation.

This particular sentence stood out to me on page 16:

It is interesting to note that in 1968 there were sixty-two  lobbyists in Washington.  Lobbyists are usually hired  by business and special interest groups.  Today, there are 34,000.

Perhaps that is what is wrong with our country and the economic problems we face.  Too many fingers in the pot and our politicians doing what they lobbyists want and not what the American people want or need!

I also liked this bit of information on page 6:

When we put labels on products to encourage purchases which are beneficial to the United States, we can begin to change our buying habits.  If each person shifted just 1% ($1 per day) of their spending, we would see instant change.  By each person spending just one dollar more per day on products manufactured in America, we would shed 100 billion dollars from the trade deficit.  If each billion dollar shift in the trade deficit translates to 13,000 jobs, this would create 1.3 million jobs in America.  More than the stimulus package produced – with just one dollar per person per day!

If this is something you are interested in learning more or taking a pledge or signing a petition, please visit the website.

I’m all for making a change to help my country, how about you?



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