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Popped Off is the 2nd installment in the Stay at Home Day mystery series by author Jeffrey Allen (aka Jeff Shelby).  I posted about the first book in his series, Stay at Home Dead and I think this is going to be a winner of a series!



For stay-at-home dad Deuce Winters, the cutthroat world of suburban kiddie sports leagues is unavoidable. In his small town, Moises Huber is known at the King of Soccer. But it seems the king may have fallen from his throne when he disappears–along with $73,000 of the youth soccer association’s registration fees.  Deuce calls foul and begins a bizarre search that leads him to a high-stakes gambling ring, a band of shrewd smugglers, and one heckuva Texas-sized mega church.  As he closes in on the truth, Deuce has only one goal in mind: stay on the ball and out of the penalty zone before his opponent can make a killer pass – and still have dinner ready on time.

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A few weeks back I mentioned going to Readers & Ritas and meeting author Melissa Bourbon Ramirez.  Well this week’s highlight is the first book in the new Lola Cruz mystery series.  There are three books out so far plus a Christmas Novella.  The second book is Hasta la Vista, Lola!, the third book is Bare Naked Lola and the  novella is The Lola Cruz Christmas Story. (when I looked up this novella it was free, but even at $0.99 it is still a bargain!)



Meet Lola Cruz. After paying her dues as an intern, she’s now a full-fledged detective at Camacho and Associates. Her boss is Manny Camacho, a muy caliente former cop with a mysterious ex-wife, a Lara Croft look-alike girlfriend, and a sudden personal interest in Lola. Her first big case? A missing mother who may not want to be found. And to make her already busy life even more complicated, Lola’s helping her cousin plan her quinceañera, and battling her family and their old-fashioned views on women and careers. She’s also reunited with the gorgeous Jack Callaghan, her high school crush whom she shamelessly tailed years ago and photographed doing the horizontal salsa with some other lucky girl.

Lola takes it all in stride, but when the subject of her search ends up dead, she realizes she has a lot more to worry about. Soon she finds herself wrapped up in the possibly shady practices of a tattoo parlor, local politics, and someone with serious—maybe deadly—road rage. To top it all off, her treasured postcoital pictures of Jack are missing! Still, Lola is well-equipped to handle these challenges. She’s a black-belt in kung fu, and her body isn’t her only weapon. She’s got smarts, sass, and more tenacity than her Mexican mafioso-wannabe grandfather. A few of her famous margaritas don’t hurt, either.

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Shoe Done It is the first in the Accessories Mystery series by author Grace Carroll aka Carol Culver.  This book was released in October 2011 but I just found out about this author.  Can’t wait to read the book!


Rita Jewel has a dream job selling fabulous clothes and accessories to the socialites of San Francisco at Dolce’s Boutique. But when a pair of heels becomes a clue in a murder, Rita finds herself engaged in a high-end crime of fashion.

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This week’s edition of Mystery Monday brings you the first book in the Amish Mystery series by author Laura Bradford.




Claire Weatherly has fled a high-stress lifestyle for a slower pace – in Amish Country: Heavenly, Pennsylvania.  She only planned a short visit but instead found herself opening an Amish specialty shop, Heavenly Treasures, and settling in.  Claire loves her new home, and she’s slowly making friends among the locals, including Esther, a young Amish woman who works in teh shop.  So when the store’s former owner, the unlikeable Walter Snow, is murdered, and the man Esther is sweet on becomes a suspect, Claire can’t help but get involved.

Newly returned Detective Jakob Fisher, who left Heavenly – and his Amish upbringing – as a teenager, is on the case.  But his investigation is stalled by the fact that none of his former community will speak with him.  Claire’s connections make her the perfect go-between.

As Claire investigates, she uncovers more than she wanted to know about her neighbors.  And suddenly, everything she had hoped to find in this peaceful refuge is at risk….

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This weekend I attended Readers & ‘Ritas in Allen Texas sponsored by Fresh Fiction, Entangled Publishing, The Writer’s Coffeshop Publishing, Avon Romance and Mike’s Hard Lemonade (which sadly I couldn’t taste since I had to leave and it is not smart to drink and drive!).  I attended thanks to a sorority sister that won a ticket but couldn’t attend (thanks Alex!).  Part of the ticket was being able to sit with an author at lunch…ok so everyone could sit with an author but I was able to sit next to an author of my choosing.  Well I was excited to see that Melissa Bourbon Ramirezwas going to be there because she writes a fun cozy series called Magical Dressmaking Mysteries.  The first book in her series is called Pleating for Mercy and the second is A Fitting End.  I had read the first book but not the second, so was excited to receive a copy of the book… is one of the next books I read for sure!


Former Manhattan fashion designer Harlow Jane Cassidy has a gift for creating beautiful dresses. But when Harlow becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation, she’ll more than her sewing skills to unravel the mystery…

Business is booming at Harlow’s custom dressmaking boutique, Buttons & Bows, even with the presence of her great-grandmother’s ghost hanging around the shop. But thanks to the fast approaching Margaret Moffette Lea Pageant and Ball, Harlow has her work cut out for her when Mrs. Zinnia James hires her to make her granddaughter’s pageant gown.

With the debutant ball getting the whole town of Bliss, Texas into a tizzy, Harlow knows her dress has to be perfect. But when a local golf pro is found stabbed to death with dressmaking shears, the new deputy thinks Harlow and Mrs. James conspired to commit the crime. Now Harlow has to finish the dress on time and clear her name before the next outfit she designs is a prison jumpsuit…

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Murder of the Cat’s Meow is 15th in the Scumble River series by author Denise Swanson.


When ex-Vegas showgirl and local business owner Bunny Reid starts an online dating service called Cupid’s Cat’s Meow, out-of-town visitors flock to her bowling alley for the speed-dating and cat show events. Bunny’s scheme sounds harmless enough, but school psychologist Skye Denison knows all too well that an influx of strangers into Scumble River always spells trouble…

Soon, Skye is called to the bowling alley to break up a fight between a riled-up contestant and the judge who insulted his feline. When the judge’s body is found — strangled with a cat toy — it’s up to Skye to solve the purrplexing mystery and show a devious killer that her sleuthing skills are the cat’s meow.

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This week I bring you a different type of mystery.  Ok a mystery is a mystery, but this mystery by Jasper Fforde features many nursery rhyme characters, in fact one of the detectives is Jack Spratt.  In this installment (the first in the series), Humpty Dumpty has been murdered.

From the dust jacket:

In The Big Over Easy, Fforde takes a break from classic literature and tumbles into the seedy underbelly of nursery crime.

Meet Detective Inspector Jack Spratt, family man and head of the Nursery Crime Division, long suffering under the shadow of the flashy Detective Friedland Chymes with his astonishing number of published cases in Amazing Crime Stories.  Spratt is fresh from a spectacular failure to see convicted three wily pigs for the murder of a certain wolf.  The media and tide of public opinion are set squarely against him.  Now, new trouble is brewing.

It’s Easter in Reading – a bad time for eggs – and no one can remember the last sunny day.  Ovoid D-class nursery celebrity Humpty Dumpty, minor baronet, lover of women, ex-convict, and former millionaire philanthropist, is found shattered to death beneath a wall in a shabby area of town. Yes, the big egg is down.  All those brittle pieces sitting in the morgue point to foul play.  Spratt and his new partner, Sergeant Mary Mary, search through Humpty’s sordid and secretive past in  hopes of finding the key to his death.  Immersed in a case that reaches into the highest echelons of Reading society and business, Spratt is walking the tightrope of his career.  Before long Jack and Mary find themselves grappling with a sinister plot involving cross-border money laundering, bullion smuggling, problems with beanstalks, Titans seeking asylum, and the cut-and-thrust world of international chiropody.  And on top of all that, the Jellyman is coming to town….

I had to share this image as well, it is from the back cover of the dust jacket

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This week’s mystery is 50% off Murder by author Josie Belle aka Jenn McKinlay.  It is the first in the Good Buy Girls series and book 2, A Deal to Die For, is due out December 31, 2012.




Maggie Gerber-one of the founding members of the Good Buy Birls- loves her quiet life in St. Stanley, Virginia. But all that changes when Sam Collins, her old flame, moves back to town as the new sheriff. On top of that, Claire Freemont, a librarian and the newest member of the Good Buy Girls, starts acting utterly strange.

When Maggie goes to visit her the next day at the library, she finds the body of a very dead man. Turns out the man is someone from Claire’s past. As the handsome new sheriff zeroes in on Claire, it’s up to Maggie and the rest of the Good Buy Girls to use their bargain-hunting skills to hunt a killer-while making sure they don’t pay too much in the process…

Read an excerpt from the author’s website here

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I’m so happy to report that the Passport to Peril mystery series is back!  It was dropped by Maddy Hunter’s original publisher in 2007 but was wisely picked back up by Midnight Ink.  The seventh in the series is Dutch Me Deadly and yes they are in Holland!  The eighth book is due to be released in February 2013 and the gang will be going to Scotland.


A Tourist (Death) Trap

As a travel escort for seniors, Emily Andrew-Miceli has led her feisty Iowa clan all over the world.  This time, they’re off to see historic windmills, classic Rembrandts, and picturesque canals in Holland – if they can ever unplug from their smartphones, that is.  Joining them is the high school class from Bangor, Maine, whose 50th reunion celebration goes south faster than a fallen Brussel sprout souffle as old rivalries start heating up.  Worse, Emily’s hopes for a 100% survival rate on this trip are dashed when an important member of the tour suffers a tragic (and highly suspicious) accident.  Then the saucy seniors’ wild night of drug-laced desserts and risque shows in Amersterdam’s infamous Red Light District gets even more mysterious when one unpopular reunioner goes missing….

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Today I bring you book four of the Vintage Magic Mystery series by author Annette Blair.  The title is Skirting the Grave.  If you like vintage clothing you will probably like this series!  I like how the main character, Maddie, will use sewing terms as expletives…like Scrap or Tuck, it adds a unique touch to the book and is very appropriate considering the clothing aspect.  If you have not read any of the books in the series, the first three books are: A Veiled Deception, Larceny and Lace, and Death by Diamonds.

On the authors site you can also find vintage handbags that she has found throughout the years.


Even though Maddie is swamped running Vintage Magic and dealing with the consequences of the visions she gets from certain of her fashion treasures, she’s agreed to plan her sister Sherri’s baby shower and mentor a design intern.  But when Maddie goes to the Mystic train station to pick up her new student, she finds a murder scene instead.  The victim: intern Isobel York.  Cause of death: suspicious circumstances.

Later that evening, a woman claiming to be Isobel appears on her doorstep, and Maddie knows it’s not just a case of “whodunit” but “who-is-it”.  Luckily a gift of lusciously luxe vintage clothes offers clues, and though the ’50s wardrobe and accessories are to die for, Maddie is determined to iron out the wrinkles before the murderer can return to put an end to a promising fashion career.

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