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Louisiana Fever


Andy Broussard, the “Plump and Proud” New Orleans medical examiner, obviously loves food.  Less apparent to the casual observer is his hatred of murderers. Together with his gorgeous sidekick, psychologist Kit Franklyn, Broussard forms a powerful, although improbable, mystery solving duo.

When Kit goes to meet an anonymous stranger—who’s been sending her roses—the man drops dead at her feet before she could even get his name. Game on.

Andy Broussard soon learns that the man carried a lethal pathogen similar to the deadly “Ebola”—a highly contagious virus, feared worldwide for killing its victims (grotesquely) in a matter of days. When another body turns up with the same bug, widespread panic becomes imminent. The danger is even more acute, because the carrier is mobile. The man knows he’s a walking weapon and… he’s targeting Broussard.

And when Kit Franklyn investigates her mystery suitor further, she runs afoul of a cold- blooded killer, every bit as deadly as the man searching for her partner.

Louisiana Fever is written in Donaldson’s unique style:  A hard-hitting, punchy, action-packed prose that’s dripping with a folksy, decidedly southern sense of irony.  Mix in Donaldson’s brilliant first-hand knowledge of forensics, along with the sultry flavor of New Orleans, and readers will be fully satisfied with this irresistibly delectable mystery.

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About the Author

D.J. Donaldson is a retired professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology.  His entire academic career was spent at the University of Tennessee, Health Science Center, where he published dozens of papers on wound-healing and where he taught microscopic anatomy to thousands of medical and dental students.

He is also the author of seven published forensic mysteries and five medical thrillers. He lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife and two West Highland terriers. In the spring of most years he simply cannot stop buying new flowers and other plants for the couple’s prized backyard garden.

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corpse with golden nose



A heartfelt plea to look into the death of a world-famous vintner goes hand in hand with the opportunity to attend an exclusive gourmet event in British Columbia’s stunning wine country. How can overindulgent foodie and criminologist Cait Morgan resist?

Sure that the award-winning owner of a family-run vineyard was murdered, Cait shares her findings with Bud Anderson, a retired homicide cop. But he is convinced that the woman took her own life, whatever her grief-stricken sister might say. That is, until death strikes once again, in the neat rows of grapevines that clamber up the banks of magnificent Lake Okanagan.

Uncovering obsessions that might have fueled murderous thoughts among the victim’s wacky neighbors is a start, but as Cait unravels the clues, she realizes that more lives are at stake. Can she think, and act, quickly enough to thwart the killer?

The Corpse with the Golden Nose is the second book in the Cait Morgan Mysteries, a classic whodunit series featuring the eccentric Professor Cait Morgan.


This is the second book in the series and like all series, I highly recommend starting with the first book because there are always references and you feel like you are missing out on something by not knowing what happened previously!   At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this book, it seemed hard to get in because I wasn’t connecting with the characters.  But I kept reading and as I went along I grew to like the characters and their many quirks.  I found it fascinating that Cait’s profession is as a criminologist and her insight into the “wacky” neighbors…and trust me, they are wacky!  I think that is what was the turning point, meeting these characters and trying to figure out who killed Annette and why was Ellen so sure someone killed her?

There are some GREAT twists in this story and it was quite surprising to find out whodunit because I know I didn’t figure it out!  We give this book 4 paws.  I don’t know that I would say it is a cozy but not as heavy as the other mysteries.



Win a SIGNED copy of this fabulous book!  Just enter below!  US residents only

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About the Author:

cathy aceWelsh Canadian mystery author Cathy Ace is the creator of the Cait Morgan Mysteries, which include The Corpse with the Silver Tongue and The Corpse with the Golden Nose. Born, raised, and educated in Wales, Cathy enjoyed a successful career in marketing and training across Europe, before immigrating to Vancouver, Canada, where she taught on MBA and undergraduate marketing programs at various universities. Her eclectic tastes in art, music, food, and drink have been developed during her decades of extensive travel, which she continues whenever possible. Now a full-time author, Cathy’s short stories have appeared in multiple anthologies, as well as on BBC Radio 4. She and her husband are keen gardeners, who enjoy being helped out around their acreage by their green-pawed Labradors.

Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Goodreads




Cathy Reads From Corpse With The Golden Nose


Buy the book:

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The first book in the series is available on Amazon: The Corpse with the Silver Tongue (Cait Morgan Mystery) (Cait Morgan Mysteries)

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Today’s Mystery Monday feature is the second book in the Fat City series by author Kathryn Lilley.  This book was published back in 2008….but if your TBR pile is anything like mine, there are a LOT of books you haven’t gotten to quite yet!  It looks like there may only be 3 books in the series and I’ve got the third book also in my TBR pile!




October 2008
ISBN-13: 9780451225351

Plus-sized reporter Kate Gallagher decides to report for duty at Body Blast, a boot camp-style fitness program. But then her roomie is discovered with a broken neck at the foot of the climbing wall. It’s not the first suspicious accident at the camp, another woman recently fell to her death during a Wilderness Challenge.

Kate knows that losing weight is hard, but now it looks like it’s turning into mortal combat.

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Author Stefan Kanfer is back with his second book in this series called The Eskimo Hunts in Miami.  I read and reviewed the first book, The Eskimo Hunts in New York and found it to be quite suspenseful and a good read.

eskimo hunts in miami



Jordan Gulok is off for a little R&R in Miami, but he must maintain his skills. He frequents a firing range where he stumbles upon a paramilitary group called the 417s. Is an anti-gun US Congressman somehow entangled in a plot to raid several military arms storage depots? The 417s are poised to visit a fresh hell on the Caribbean if Jordan, his lovely ally and her edgy colleagues can’t stop them.

About the Author:

stefan kanfer

Stefan Kanfer is the author of fifteen books, including the bestselling biographies of show business icons: GROUCHO; BALL OF FIRE (Lucille Ball); SOMEBODY (Marlon Brando); and TOUGH WITHOUT A GUN (Humphrey Bogart). He has also written many social histories, among them THE LAST EMPIRE, about the De Beers diamond company, and STARDUST LOST, an account of the rise and fall of the Yiddish Theater in New York.

Kanfer also wrote two novels about World War II and served as the only journalist on the President’s Commission on the Holocaust. He was the first by-lined cinema critic for Time magazine, where he worked as writer and editor for more than two decades. He has been given many writing awards and was named a Literary Lion of the New York Public Library. He lives in New York where he serves as a columnist for the City Journal of the Manhattan Institute.

Read a Q&A with Stefan.


The Giveaway:

Authors on the Web is kindly offering a print copy of both The Eskimo Hunts in New York AND The Eskimo Hunts in Miami.

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A few months back I highlighted a book that author Shawna Seed sent me to read and review called Identity.  I finally worked my way (a little bit) through that massive TBR pile and got to this book.  Wish I had gotten to it sooner!



Sharlah Webb thinks her luck is finally turning, until her boyfriend, Brian, is jailed on drug charges. Now a hurricane is bearing down, she’s broke, and Brian’s secrets have put them both in danger. Can she trust Brian? The police? Sharlah begins her own search for answers, launching a mystery that will take years to unravel. Identity: A novel of suspense, love and finding your true self.


I enjoyed this book a lot!  You get to see Brian and Sharlah’s story from teens (17+) to later in life.  The story does have something of an abrupt ending and it leaves you wondering how some things turn out. That can either be a really good thing or a bad thing, guess it depends on how you like the story to end. I think it does leave it open for a sequel should the author choose to follow up and let us know how certain situations were resolved.  I found myself rooting for different characters and hoping that all would turn out well.  You don’t really know until the end how things will truly play out which I think is a good thing.  I couldn’t guess how the book would turn out.

There were a few editing type things that could have made the flow better. At one point the story switches from Sharlah’s point of view to Brian’s. At this point it is 4 years later but it takes a few pages to realize that it is 4 years later. Then it switches to another person’s point of view and that is about 10 years later. Also the chapters were really really long.

Aside from those 2 things, I thought the book was written very well and I was able to feel the emotions of the characters.  We give it 4 paws.


About the author:

Shawna Seed is a writer and editor whose career has taken her to both coasts and several spots in between, working for organizations that include The Dallas Morning News and

Originally from Kansas, she’s lived in seven states and every continental U.S. time zone. She and her husband now call Dallas home.

When she’s not writing, her interests include cooking, travel and watching college basketball. (Go Jayhawks!)

Identity is her fiction debut. Her next project, Not in Time, is a suspense novel about looted art.

Visit her website, where the goodies include her blog and a discussion guide. You can also listen to a playlist based on the record collection of Sharlah Webb, the heroine of Identity, and see Sharlah’s bookshelf.

Find her on Facebook

Buy the book:

Amazon * Barnes & Noble

The eBook is $3.99 from both retailers

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Murder in Duplicate 200x300


Romance mystery writer, Lily Aaron is a young woman looking for a forever love and inspiration for her popular books. On a lunch break from her job as a magazine editor, she meets a sexy, gorgeous man in a coffee shop, and falls hard. Is Ken Braun’s image as a successful attorney and charming companion all a façade, or is he the man destined for Lily’s future? Meanwhile, Ted Warren, an obsessed computer geek starts stalking her, calling her Laurel. She can’t get rid of him and before she can figure it out, Ted is murdered and Lily is now in first place as the killer. Lily struggles to prove her innocence, and deal with the enigma of a new man in her life and the secret behind Ted’s obsession and death. In a harrowing climax, Lily discovers the truth, but it may not be in time to save her own life.

amazon cart


This is not a very long book, I think I read it in about an hour….but don’t let the length fool you.  I was amazed at the amount of mystery and suspense that was in this book!  Lily meets a handsome man in the coffee shop and things seem too good to be true.  At the same time, a co-worker insists she is someone names Laurel and she thinks he must be delusional (and crazy!).  There are a lot of clues along the way to tip you off to what might be happening but they weren’t all obvious to me…maybe I just preferred enjoying the book versus trying to solve the mystery.  I thought the writing was well executed and I will definitely take a look for more of Fran’s books.

We give this 4 1/2 paws


About the Author:

fran orensteinFran Orenstein, Ed.D., award-winning author and poet, wrote her first poem at age eight and submitted a short story to a magazine at age twelve. Her published credits include: Gaia’s Gift, a contemporary woman’s novel (World Castle Publishing/WCP); three ‘tween novels (Sleepytown Press/SP); a young adult fantasy adventure (WCP); a chapter book for younger kids (WCP); and, Reflections, a book of poetry for adults (SP).

Her prize-winning short stories and poetry have appeared in various anthologies. She presents writing and publishing workshops at various venues in the Southwest Florida area. Fran’s books are available in ebook and paperback format.

Fran has been a teacher, a counselor, written professionally as a magazine editor/writer, and also wrote political speeches, newsletters, legislation, and promotional material while working for NJ State Government for 22 years. She wrote professional papers on gender equity and violence prevention, which she presented at national and international conferences. Fran managed programs for women in gender equity, early education, and disabilities, as well as serving as Special Projects and Disabilities Officer for the AmeriCorps Commission in New Jersey.

She has a BA in Early Childhood Education, a MEd in Counseling Psychology, and an Ed.D. in Child and Youth Studies. Fran is a member of the Florida Writers Association, the Florida State Poets Association, and the National League of American Pen Women.

Visit Fran’s World for further information on her books, blogs and events.

Frans Blog Banner.jpg


***I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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I’m excited to share this week’s mystery feature with you by author Larry A. Winters.  He has graciously sent me a copy and I’ll be reading it sometime in the next few months (still working down that TBR pile!).




Ashley Hale was a rising star in the adult entertainment world before she abruptly moved to the other side of the country, leaving behind money, fame, and excitement for a nine-to-five bank job and a sensible apartment.  But there was one tie to the industry she could not sever.  Her sister, Tara, was also a porn star.  Two years later, when Tara supposedly commits suicide, Ashley must return to the San Fernando Valley and the life she thought she’d left behind.  Now she’s not sure who she can trust—especially the handsome new video editor who seems intent on helping her.  But she won’t leave Los Angeles until she’s proven Tara’s death was a murder.  And until she’s faced the killer.


You can find the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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Welcome author Ritch Gaiti to StoreyBook Reviews!  He has written a mystery that sounds good and I will be reading and reviewing in the coming months.

The Big Empty


A gritty lawyer uncovers an ancient conspiracy and the betrayal of a man and a nation. A thriller mystery of treachery, trust and redemption. . . .

Every instinct I had told me to get out but I couldn’t, not now. This simple case would trigger repercussions that would unnerve the city, maybe the country. I was about to open doors that had been nailed shut for a lifetime. And the only path to the truth was through a labyrinth of deceit. I trusted no one, not even myself. My stomach tightened.

The ten years had slipped by like a century.  I never thought I’d see New York again and now I find myself buried in its bowels, unsure of what I was after—but I knew I had to find it. I snaked through the city bureaucracy, historical landmarks and some of the most prominent properties in the city, all intricately linked. Nothing fit, yet everything connected and answers only bred more questions. Somehow it had all been mysteriously tied back to me.

I ventured into the darkest tunnel of all, my own.  I realized then why I was chosen—why I had been the only one that could find this elusive document.  Deep within a maze of deceptions and betrayals, I uncovered a massive conspiracy among the most esteemed organizations in the world—and the truth that had sent my life into a tailspin ten years ago was far from true. Suddenly, this seemingly routine assignment suddenly had enormous stakes and consequences. Now it was up to me to mend an ancient injustice and the fate of an entire culture.


Amazon $2.99

Barnes & Noble $2.99

Why I wrote The Big Empty

Set in modern day New York City, the story begins post-911, deep in the bedrock beneath the rubble of the World Trade Center, and picks up ten years later as one man reluctantly takes on a trivial assignment and winds up uncovering a secret that changes centuries-old history. The story slowly unfurls, revealing layers of an intricate backstory and conspiracy.

Some of my favorite novels have had strong characters that changed throughout the story and surprising plot twists.  My tools were simple – a lead character that had bottomed-he serves as the surrogate for a much larger issue which is revealed in the book. The first-person point of view emulates the gritty style of a classic private investigator –yet he is anything but.

My underlying goal was to tell a story about American injustices – and the way that they were accepted because of greed – and to correct the injustices – at least in fiction. Much of the story was based on historical events, some fictionalized, some dramatized.

About the Author:

Ritch Gaiti is an author, an artist and a former Wall Street Executive. He focuses on a wide range of subjects and genres: from drama to suspense to humor; from fiction to non-fiction. His first book, Points, Women Have Them, Men Need Them, was a humorous relationship book. Afterwards, sticking with humor, he wrote Tweet, a fictional satire on consumerism and the advertising industry. Recently, Tweet has been optioned for a feature film. His last book, Dutching the Book, a fictional drama based on real people and events, delivers an absorbing story about horse racing and gambling in 1960’s Brooklyn.

Ritch has also written articles for magazines, including Private Wealth, Tango and Balance magazines and has been featured on national TV and radio, including a guest appearance on the Today Show, opposite Joan Rivers.

In addition to writing, Ritch is a recognized artist who exhibits regularly in galleries and museums across the country. His portfolio can be viewed on his website. He is also recreational pilot and enjoys tennis and skiing.

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osteoblasts tour

Tour Schedule

Osteoblasts cover

Osteoblasts to the Rescue


Merrin and Pearl are at it again! This time these two young Human Body Detectives are exploring the skeletal system.
With the ability to jump in and examine the various systems in the body, Merrin and Pearl’s adventures are fun stories and helpful tools to educate children.
In Osteoblasts to the Rescue, Merrin and Pearl navigate their friend, Lily’s, broken arm and learn all about bones.
As the fourth in The Human Body Detectives series, Osteoblasts to the Rescue can also stand alone as a book that’s sure to inform, engage, and inspire readers of all ages.


We do have the gift of going into other people’s bodies to help them feel better, but being a Human Body Detective is a big responsibility and no one seems to need help right now, Merrin thought.


They landed on a hard smooth surface. Happily, they were still together. As their eyes opened, Pearl looked around and Merrin gasped, “Pearl, where are we?”


Pearl leaned over to Merrin and felt along her spine. Merrin shivered a bit. “Those bones you feel when I touch your back are the spinal processes.”


“We need to get to Lily’s left arm, the one that is broken. I want to see the break and understand how the body will fix it. We might be in for a journey, Merrin! Most of the vertebrae have these spinal processes and if we climb up toward her head, we’ll find Lily’s left clavicle, which will lead us to her left arm.”

Oh my, Merrin thought.


Merrin realized Pearl’s shoelace was untied and bellowed out, “Pearl slow down and tie your shoelace!” But she was too late. Pearl tripped and then… She tumbled.  She landed on her stomach, her feet dangling off the rib.


They both looked up and noticed the sternum bone was completely vertical. They would need rock climbing gear to have any chance of getting to the top.  They both looked at each other and wondered if they were brave enough to do it. Who knew where they would land, let alone if they fell off the bone?

At that moment, osteoblasts came storming out from everywhere! They were all over the place. Merrin and Pearl tried to jump out of their way, but the osteoblasts were on a mission and didn’t even notice them.

“Well, I hope Lily is eating enough foods with calcium and phosphorus. Actually, what food does she need to eat to get more of these nutrients?” Merrin asked.




heather mAuthor Heather Manley, N.D.

I have always been passionate about healthy foods and exercising. Growing up in Toronto, Canada I would exhaust my allowance at the health food store and write school papers on spices and herbs. It was no wonder I found myself studying biology at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. I loved animals as well so I initially focused on wildlife conservation and animal biology, however, with some exposure to naturopathic medicine, this health care philosophy rang true for me. I switched to pre-med and I graduated in 1993. I earned my doctorate at the from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon before moving with my family to Hawaii where I became licensed and continue to practice today.

Everything I learned in medschool came into fruition when my children were born. I realized the importance of teaching them, by example, about healthy food and lifestyle. Telling them what to eat was not enough, so I created and wrote educational adventure stories that explain the physiological systems in the body. Not only did my kids love the engaging and interactive stories but so did their friends.

I love seeing kids have fun learning to understand their bodies and how food helps them run faster and be smarter. My focus is on preventative health. I am passionate about encouraging families to seek the value of a simple lifestyle and offering tools to assist them at being proactive and confident in their daily living. I am constantly inspired seeing people make positive changes in their lives. With my website, I am excited to reach more families in a way that will manifest healthy living.

Website * Blog * Facebook * Twitter

 The Giveaway:

$25 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal cash
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Last week I told you about the first book in the Pat O’Malley series.  Well this week is book two in the series by author Jim Musgrave.

Disappearance at Mount Sinai


It’s 1866 in New York City. Civil War Vet and Detective Pat O’Malley’s biggest case returns him to the deep, dark South to search for the kidnapped wealthiest inventor and entrepreneur in America. But the widening gyre of anti-Semitism and racism pulls him down into the pit of hell itself. Disguised as an Oxford England Professor, O’Malley infiltrates the anti-Semites’ group and travels with his partners, Becky Charming and his father, Robert, down to a Collierville, Tennessee mansion.

At the crux of this case are a Jewish father and his eight-year-old son, Seth. They have developed a unique bond that relies on Jewish folklore and a belief that they are Mazikeen, half-angel and half-human, born from the loins of Adam’s strange female cohorts during the 130 years he was banished from the Garden. Will O’Malley find Dr. Mergenthaler before it’s too late? What does this world-wide eugenics group have planned for the mongrel races? Read Jim Musgrave’s Disappearance at Mount Sinai, the second mystery in the series of Pat O’Malley Mini-Mysteries.

You can find it on Amazon

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