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absence of you

Absence of You

by Sarah Elle Emm

Released on 17th May, 2016



Absence of You, a collection of poems, takes you through stages of love, from the first moments of falling, to heartache, to healing and growing. With Sarah Elle Emm’s simple, yet powerful, words and rhythm, venture through the ups and downs on this heartfelt journey.


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About the Author

sarah elle emmSarah Elle Emm is the author of ABSENCE OF YOU, LAST VACATION, the HARMONY RUN SERIES, and MARRYING MISSY. She has lived in Germany, England, Mexico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and traveled extensively beyond. Her writing cave is currently located in the Outer Banks. When she’s not leading kitchen dance parties with her daughters, she writes poetry and fiction.

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The true knowledge can be obtained by knowing oneself. But to know oneself, light has to be shone on the way to knowledge. ‘The Sojourn’ is a book which helps to discover oneself. In the midst of any problem, it helps to bring out the solution from within. After reading and understanding this book, the reader will never remain the same. He will see the world in its true grandeur. The secrets embedded in all creations of God, have been telling the truths from time immemorial. In a poetic style, the words bring out the beauty in all the creations. When included in the education system, it will build the foundations of children. Thus, ‘The Sojourn’ helps to live an
enlightened life.

The book has won awards from various institutions in India viz. ‘Contribution of CA Towards Society Award’ from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ‘Special Recognition Award’ from Nishkam Sewa Bharti Trust.

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Sojourn Extensions also on Amazon

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About the Author:

Rupansh is a Chartered Accountant, Master of Business Administration,Chartered Financial Analyst by qualification. He also achieved an award for securing highest marks in Chartered Accountancy exams in India. He has been thinking about the truths and secrets of the universe since his childhood. This, coupled with his passion for writing, led to the book, ‘The Sojourn’. Keeping the language of the book simple for readers, he put depth in content unlike normal poetry. The book has won various awards and is being liked by many around the world. He took his writing further by writing the novel, ‘Pulchritude – An Eternal Love Story’. The author feels that good writing alone helps the world to become better and enlightened.

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There are all types of reading material out there for us to enjoy and Poetry is one of them.  I will admit I am usually not big on poetry…well mainly because I don’t get it!  Sure I get the concept but it has never resonated with me but that is ok because I know there are plenty of people that do like poetry and that is what makes this a great world, we don’t all have to like the same thing!

So today I’d like to spotlight some poetry by author Theodore Ficklestein and his book, This Book Needs a Title.

Front Cover

Theodore was also kind enough to share one of his poems with us and you can also read some of them in the preview on Amazon or on Barnes & Noble.

Promoting a Poetry Book

You are promoting a poetry book.
Good luck with that.
Because so many read poetry.
I keep forgetting.
And you are like Bill Shakespeare right?
Everyone will just love your poetry because you are just so good at writing it.
Seriously I just may start calling you Robert Frost.
You wrote a poetry book.
What happened you never finished that novel you were writing?
You are a no name author writing in a genre no one reads.
Good luck with that.

If you like this poem, check out his blog for more poems and you can buy his book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble or through Authorhouse