Posted in mystery, romance, women on April 27, 2012


All Angela wants is to understand why her father, security specialist Mac McKenzie, dropped dead on a sidewalk in Boston. Instead, she is thrust into the midst of an international conspiracy when she discovers that her father was working on a classified project at the time of his death. Now, the FBI, a terrorist and a killer have her in their sights.

Former Navy SEAL turned undercover operative, Chase Romero thinks his boss is overreacting when he orders Chase to small town America to protect Angela. But he changes his mind when her home is burglarized and “accidents” begin to happen. The real question becomes, how can he keep her safe if he keeps tripping over his own heart?

After shooting an intruder, Angela flees the scene, and the FBI issues a warrant for her arrest. On the run for her life and her freedom, she places her trust in Chase. As they travel from New England, to the nation’s capital, to the shores of Lake Michigan, the trail – and their attraction – grow hotter. Together, they team up to prevent a global financial market meltdown and face a killer who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the project Mac protected with his life.


This is the kind of book that I like to read….intrigue, mystery and a little romance all thrown together to create a storyline that traps the reader into a situation that could happen and left wondering what is going to happen next.  There were times that I wanted to smack Angela because she kept putting herself in harms way even when told not to do that…..but then if she didn’t put herself in harms way then Chase couldn’t rescue her.  I guess if there weren’t some annoying characteristics the book would be like any other and perhaps not as interesting.

I definitely recommend checking out this book for a little romance and a little suspense.

You can buy the book here or if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can read it for free (or could when I last checked).